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Sep 2019

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  • AnimalAnalysis
  • AnimalAnalysis
Have you ever wondered what your pets were thinking? With Animal Analysis all you have to do is point your camera at them and their thoughts appear.

Thanks to the wonders of augmented reality and machine learning you can now see what is going on in your cat's mind and determine if your dog is hungry or wants to play.

You may find that your pets have nothing on their minds or maybe they are very chatty after all. You may even discover that even other animals have things on their minds.

Best of all you can tap the camera button in the bottom left to grab a pic of the thoughts!

Who knows what you may discover with in a world where animals can talk.

Version 1.5

Recent changes
We've added new animals! Sorry it took so long, once we got rid of Doug for the "fish are not animals" thing, it took us a while to figure out how to fix things because apparently he was the only one doing any work around here.

Thank you to all of our users for proving Carl wrong on the power of mind reading. The world did not end, and the internet is not being run by cats as he predicted.

Also, if you take the time to do a review, please say "Hi" to Bridget. She's taken over all of Doug's tasks so the rest of us can keep up with all of the gossip around the lab. Our app doesn't work on Humans yet so we have to resort to other measures.

Version 1.4

So Joey got a promotion after the camera button update last time which means he's been playing a lot of golf with the boss. Then Carol thought the camera button was all wrong, so she suggested that we move it to the middle and make it bigger for you. The team has their fingers crossed that you will like it.

Tommy fixed a bug that was causing a crash if you closed the app while in the chat. You may not have ever noticed it but we gave him a high-five!

And the big news is that the team in the research lab decided that it was ok for us to turn up the sensitivity again, so expect to see more mind reading power in your hands this time around! Carl is a little worried about this whole mind reading thing but we told him that our users are capable of being responsible with this much power, so please help us prove Carl wrong.

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