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Jul 2019

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Version : 4.41.0 Device : iPad & iPhone Compatibility : iOS 8.0 + Size : 217,35 Mo Price : Free

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Application activity
12 Jul 2019 Update Version 4.41.0
04 Jul 2019 Update Version 4.40.0
27 Jun 2019 Update Version 4.39.1
20 Jun 2019 Update Version 4.38.0
13 Jun 2019 Update Version 4.37.0
08 Jun 2019 Update Version 4.36.0
30 May 2019 Update Version 4.35.0
23 May 2019 Update Version 4.34.0
21 May 2019 First price detected Free
20 May 2019 Update Version 4.33.0
30 Dec 2014 Sortie
  • Clash of Kings - CoK
  • Clash of Kings - CoK
  • Clash of Kings - CoK
  • Clash of Kings - CoK
  • Clash of Kings - CoK
  • Clash of Kings - CoK
  • Clash of Kings - CoK
  • Clash of Kings - CoK
  • Clash of Kings - CoK
  • Clash of Kings - CoK
  • Clash of Kings - CoK
  • Clash of Kings - CoK
Clash of Kings is an MMORPG war game chosen by billions of players worldwide. Players from nearly 200 countries are in the same kingdom to develop and fight. Millions of players online at the same time, over 15 million wars occur everyday, 21 language game versions, and real-time translation mechanism, all make it easy for you to make friends and fight together all over the world. As the most classic strategy game, Clash of Kings has been awarded a lot of prizes. If you like games with attention to Strategy and Customization, then Clash of Kings is what you are looking for!

Battle kingdoms, wage war, fight armies, build your castle and conquer an empire with real time strategy! Download Clash of Kings to experience the fantasy world of PVP medieval combat action and join millions of players worldwide!

***Classic Features***
#Real-Time Battles#
Play Clash of Kings with real time MMO battle action against thousands of players worldwide.

#Exploration & Investigation#
Battle kingdoms, upgrade dragons, recruit heroes, increase your army defenses, collect resources and build an empire in this epic multiplayer online game.

#Conquer the Kingdom#
Fight against a rival castle, palace or kingdom and navigate the fantasy world. Use tactical MMO RPG gameplay to prevent a siege on your palace, battle enemies and manage your palace’s resources to become one of the most powerful lords in the Clash of Kings Empire.

#Alliance System#
Play tactical MMO real time battle strategy and build alliances with other lords. Summon powerful Alliance bosses to the world and team up with your Alliance members to defeat them in epic PVE action.

#4 Unique Civilizations#
Battle and conquer kingdoms in four brand new civilizations of Dragon-born, Viking, Yamato and Huaxia. With new heroes each with their own specialties battling it out in the ancient valley, these battle-tested warriors are ready for intense fighting action within the ever expanding multiplayer fantasy world.

#7 Dragons#
Each player has at most 7 Dragons that they can raise and customize with special abilities, making each battle unique.

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Version 4.41.0

Recent changes
"Function optimization and adjustment- City Defense technology in the CollegeAdded new technologies to the City Defense in the College-Optimized new conquest matching rulesOpponent Kingdoms will be matched according to Kingdom total technology power and the victory records of the Strongest Kingdom.- Optimized the absorbing of Dragon FlameThere won't be any experience consumption when one of your Dragon flames absorbs another Dragon Flame. Now, you can absorb your skills freely.The Gold and Orange Dragon skills will be locked automatically-Dragon Soul TreasureAdded a preview of the total prize pool of Dragon Soul Treasure. Now, you can see all the skills that can be obtained.-Optimized the speed of switching between the castle and the worldbug-Fixed the displaying bug of Dragon's defensive skill-Fixed the error that some hidden attributes obtained via evolving the Brutal Gladiator Set were not effective"

Version 4.40.0

"Function optimization and adjustment:Adjusted college technologyIncreased the max level of「Trap Technologies」of the City Defense in College;Event Preview:「Heroes Back」-Hero Themed MonthThe wars are continuing. The descendants of the old King received the call from CoK land. They gathered in the Hero Palace. To be awakened, they need a huge amount of energy. The gate of the palace is about to open, please show the energy to the Lords in other Kingdoms.——Event entrance: the Trophy button on the right side of the main interface1. Hero SharingEvent Duration: 3rd July – 7th AugustJoin the event: share the event each day to get rewards, reset each day 00:00 at system time2. Exotic TravellerWith many old goods, a mysterious traveling merchant arrived in the castle. If you want, you can use your resource to exchange 1 of his items.Event Duration: 3rd July – 7th AugustJoin the event:——Donate resources to get affection points; there's an upper limit for the max points each player can earn each day.——Affection points are used for increasing the affection level, and redeeming items in the store3. Shadow SiegeThe Shadow Legion came from the space-time fissure and attacked all seems that they hate all civilizations. These giant and brutal creatures want to reverse the world back to the uncivilized ages.Event Duration: 3rd July – 7th AugustJoin the event:During the event, kill the Shadow legion to get rewards in the remains. The new Shadow legion will attack soon after the previous legion is killed.4. Issued new hero: 「Zhao Yun」Zhao Yun, the new hero, will enhance your Cavalry and infantry via extreme Cavalry damage and Pikeman Crit Chance. The new hero also gets limited hero skin, which will take effect permanently once being equipped.「Time Elder」, the other new hero, is a hero that has super control on time. This hero can be obtained via free events.5. 「Hero Carnival」 EventMonthly Sign In, Daily Quest Chest, Weekly Quest Chest, festival events, all-server hero quest, Alliance Rapid Monster Kill, Hero Dice, the God of Recruitment and other events will provide a huge amount of hero recruitment cards for heroes of different qualities.6. Others——Some heroes of Green, Blue, and Purple qualities have been added to the prize pool of common recruitment.——1 limited Advanced Recruitment event will be opened each week. The rare heroes can be recruited again.——「The God of Recruitment」event is about to open. Join common recruitment and advance recruitment to get points and collect a huge number of hero recruitment cards for different heroes."

Version 4.39.1

"UpdatesUpdated the contents of the daily pack and First Recharge RewardOptimized and adjusted the rewards contents for daily pack and first recharge;Function optimization and adjustment:Soldier Talent EnhancementThe soldier talent enhancement for T11 and below soldiers will take effect after player's castle is upgraded to Prestige 5 (The talent enhancement of different soldiers will require different progresses of Prestige 5); the talent enhancement of T12 and T13 troops will take effect after player's castle is upgraded to Prestige 6.Adjustments on New Conquest Rules1. The power of the troop you killed will gain you conquest points! The soldiers you kill will affect the result of Kingdom conquest!P.S. the soldiers you kill in the Associated Conquest Crystal Mine won't gain you any conquest points. Because in the battles occurred in the Associated Conquest Crystal Mine, soldiers will only be wounded and won't die2. Attack Main Conquest Crystal Mine and Associated Conquest Crystal Mine will break your Peace Shield.3. Adjusted the matching rule of the Strongest Kingdom. Except for comprehensive Kingdom power, the new matching rules will also take the Kingdom Conquest result records into consideration.4. Greatly increased the Crystal income in the Main Conquest Crystal Mine and Associated Conquest Crystal Mine.5. Greatly increased the Conquest Points and Individual Points you earned in the Main Conquest Crystal Mine and Associated Conquest Crystal Mine.Event Preview:Preview of July–the Hero Themed MonthHero carnival will begin soon. In July, you can get a huge number of hero recruitment cards for heroes in different qualities.The events contain Monthly Sign In, Daily Quest Chest, Weekly Quest Chest, Festival Events, all-server hero quest, Alliance Rapid Monster Kill, Hero Dice, the God of Recruitment and etc.6 heroes of lower quality including Green, Blue, and Purple will be added to the prize pool of common recruitment.Added Time Elder, which has super time control and can be obtained in the free event.1 limited Advanced Recruitment event will be opened each week. The rare heroes can be recruited again.The God of Recruitment event opens in July. Join common recruitment and advance recruitment to get points and collect a huge number of hero recruitment cards for different heroes. You also have a chance to win the strongest Cavalry Hero–Zhao Yun and limited hero skin.Inescapable- limited event of Alliance Rapid Monster KillDuring the event, defeat common monsters, players can earn individual points and Alliance points for their current Alliances.During the event, players can collect rewards at different stages according to the individual points each day.During the whole event, players can collect rewards at different stages according to the cumulative Alliance Points.After the event ends, Alliance rewards will be sent to Alliance members according to Alliance Points Ranking. And individual rewards will be sent according to the individual points ranking.The top 3 players on the all-server individual points ranking will receive exclusive limited Lord Avatar Frame. A large number of rewards are waiting for you."

Version 4.38.0

"UpdatesWatch video to recruit heroesIncrease extra daily hero recruitment times. Finishing watching the video and you can recruit hero immediately.Skin bondCollect and lighten different skins under the same bond to get bond attributes.The more skins of the same bond are collected, the higher the attributes obtained.The attributes obtained via different bond will take effect at the same time.Dragon Soul TreasureDragon Soul Treasure contains a huge number of rare skills. Consume Dragon Soul to dig skills, including All Soldier Units Attack, All Soldier Units Defense, specified soldier Attack, specified soldier Defense, specified soldier HP, Offensive Damage, Offensive Damage Taken reduction, Defensive Damage, Defensive Damage Taken Reduction, building speedup, training speedup, gathering speedup, researching speedup, max march size, Hospital Capacity, marching speed, troop load and other skills. Players can get Dragon Soul via Travelling Merchant, World Boss, Dice of the Dragon and other events.Function optimization and adjustment:Notice of Nian Beast's disappearanceAdded a countdown to the time of Nian Beast's disappearance.The new Siege Engine hero-- Warsong Master has been issuedFarm construction optimizationFixed the issue that misoperation in the construction interface would cause the selected buildings couldn't be constructed.Optimized the match rules of Mineral VeinServer total power and the number of Sacred Portal your Kingdom occupied recently will affect the matching result. The 2 Kingdoms that have a similar number of occupying Sacred Portal are more likely to be matched in the same group.Adjustment on Decoration ManualThe recently issued decorations including skins, march troop have been added to Decoration Manual, and the skins can be enchanted and disassembled now.;The max points of Decoration Manual have been increased to 50,000.Event Preview:Equipment Evolution Carnival is about to be issuedDuring the event, completing specified evolution quests, except for improving power, player can also unlock chests rewards and get rare items. Enjoy the summer!"

Version 4.37.0

"UpdatesUpdated Dragon WordUpdated seventh Order Dragon Word: Wind HunterUpdated eighth order Dragon Word: Ornament and Defend FrontiersAlliance help requestIn the Embassy, a player can tap the button: Ask for help, to send a help request to other allies quickly. And other allies can reinforce the player via the Alliance Battle.Optimized recharge/consumption eventsIf players purchase/consume gold in the cross-server event, the purchased/consumed amount will be counted after they return to their own Kingdoms, and the corresponding rewards will be sent. For more details, please check the rules for each event.Function optimization and adjustment:The Rising of DragonDragons' skills will take effect directly when the Dragons march with troops;The attributes of Guardian Dragon won't change;Added more approaches to obtain Dragon skills of more qualities. More building, gathering, healing, training, researching and combat skills will be available and you can replace them as you like.Significantly increase Daily Gifts and Monthly GiftIncreased the rewards of Daily Gifts and added Hero Recruitment Cards to it;Increased the rewards of Monthly Pack, added Exclusive Pack to the Knight Heraldry Weekly Pack.Function Preview:The new Conquest gameplay: Crystal Storm is about to be issued.The Rules of Throne won't change during the conquest. After continuously occupying the Throne for 8 hours, the occupation will be successful. If you occupy the opponent’s Throne successfully, you will obtain 50% of the opponent’s conquest points in the final stage of calculating conquest points.Added new approaches to obtain individual points. Players can obtain individual points more easily.Added a huge number of Evolution Stone to the rewards of Conquest Chests and Individual Points Chests.Added conquest points to the Strongest Kingdom-Conquest stage.The total conquest points obtained by all players of the Kingdom are Kingdom points. Kingdom points decide whether the Kingdom wins or loses.How to obtain conquest points: Troops occupy the opponent Kingdom’s Catapults; gather Main Conquest Crystal Mine and Associated Conquest Crystal Mine.Conquest Crystal MineCrystal Mines will provide a huge number of Crystal ItemsMain Conquest Crystal Mine and Associated Conquest Crystal Mine will provide Crystal, Conquest Points, and Individual Points.Attack Main Conquest Crystal Mine and Associated Conquest Crystal Mine won't break your Peace Shield.The Crystal Mine will be refreshed as groups each time. Each group contains 1 Main Conquest Crystal Mine and 3 Associated Conquest Crystal Mines.In the battles occurred in the Main Conquest Crystal Mine, soldiers will die directly.In the battles occurred in the Associated Conquest Crystal Mine, soldiers will only be wounded.In the Conquest Crystal Mines, the higher the power of gathering troop, the more the points earned via gathering! For troops of the same power, the income of gathering Main Conquest Crystal Mine will be more than that of Associated Conquest Crystal Mine.Attack the Main Conquest Crystal Mine and Associated Conquest Crystal Mine, you can plunder a certain ratio of the Crystal, individual points and conquest points gathered by the enemy."

Version 4.36.0

·The Dragon Themed Month Began
June is the Dragon Themed Month. The power of Dragons is arising.
Godzilla is coming. Complete festival events to get it.
Increased all Dragon's max level by 5 and unlocked new skills for them.
The playoffs of Dragon Campaign have already begun.
The sign-in rewards of this month have been changed to Dragon themed rewards.
All servers will get the buff: Blessing of Dragons, lasts for the whole month

·The new Dragon, Godzilla is coming
Use the Godzilla Egg before 1st July 00:00, and you will get the Dragon: Godzilla
Use the Godzilla Egg after 1st July 00:00, and you will get the Thunder Beast
Godzilla and Thunder Beast have the same skills and talent. Each Lord can possess only one of them.

Function Optimization and Adjustment

·Updated the Evolution Extra Attributes for the Brutal Gladiator Set
Updated the special Evolution Attributes of the Brutal Gladiator Set. The extra Evolution Attributes will increase Infantry Defense, Infantry Attack, Infantry HP, Infantry Basic Defense and Infantry Basic Attack.
·Added technologies in the College
Added new technologies to the Advanced Military, including: XI Soldier Intensified Training and XII Soldier Intensified Training. They can reduce the consumption of training XI and XII soldiers
·Notice when Bid is exceeded in the Auction
If another player offers a Bid higher than yours, you will receive notice

·Fixed the issue that the rewards of playoffs are not displayed correctly"

Version 4.35.0


Optimized the pack purchase

Reduced unnecessary operations. After purchasing packs in the promoting interface, players will stay in the interface of current pack.

Function optimization and adjustment:

Fixed the issue that no Wonder Treasure can be searched in each server;

Optimized network connection:

Added a function that when player failed to login, the system will try to change line automatically

Optimization of the Strongest Kingdom:
1. The Soldier Training stage of the Strongest Kingdom:
Adjusted the points earned via training soldiers
Added the points earned via building traps
2. The conquest stage of the Strongest Kingdom:
Adjusted the points earned via killing/losing soldiers

3. Adjusted the individual points rewards of the Strongest Kingdom:

Added Equipment Evolution Stone to the individual points rewards of the non-conquest stages of the Strongest Kingdom

Optimized Nian Beast

1. The participants and max soldier amount of a rally have been changed to a fixed value, players can start a rally more conveniently

2. If some player of an Alliance started a rally, other players in the same Alliance will receive a notification. With this function, players can join rally more conveniently

3. Reduced the difficulty of Nian Beast"

Version 4.34.0

Fast Switch has been updated
- Added a button of changing fast switch mode in the Lord Interface. The default fast switch mode won't contain the settings about hero. This mode will simplify fast switch
- Turning off the button, the fast switch mode will be the old one, which contains the settings about hero. Other parts of this function are not changed.
Fixed some known bugs

Function Optimization and Adjustment:
The adjustment related to Frozen Cannonball
The Frozen Cannonball won't take effect in the individual battlefields including Dragon Campaign battlefield, Ancient Battlefield, Mineral Vein Battlefield, Slaughter battlefield, Overlord Battlefield. After Lords returns to their own server, the countdown of Frozen Cannonball will continue.

Fixed the error of missing Battle Report
Fixed the error that the Battle Report disappeared sometimes

Optimization related to mail
Optimized the performance of mail system. Opening mail will be more smoothly

Optimization related to the Strongest Kingdom
1. The Soldier Training Stage of the Strongest Kingdom:
Adjusted the points earned via training soldiers
Increase the points earned via building traps
2. the Conquest Stage of the Strongest Kingdom:
Adjusted the points earned via killing/losing soldiers"

Version 4.33.0

「Hold the Barrier」, the Civilization Fortress garrison points event will be issued!
- During the event, players can get points rewards by sending soldiers to garrison the Civilization Fortress. The longer the garrison time, the better the points reward.
- During the event, you can also help your allies garrison their Civilization Fortress. The more allies you help, the better the points reward
- During the event, you can also earn a huge number of points via killing the enemy soldiers garrisoned in the Civilization Fortress and plundering Civilization Fortress.

Function optimization and adjustment:
Hero adjustment
- Adjusted the purification attributes of Warhammer. Offensive Damage and Offensive Damage Taken (Reduction) have been adjusted as the special purification attributes. The max attribute value can be earned via purification has been increased from 3 to 4.
- Attribute Purification for Arrow of God of Love is available now
- Attribute Purification for Wild Swordsman is available now

Activated equipment evolution extra attributes
- After evolving all parts of equipment with the same quality to a certain level (+2, +4, +6, +8, +10), you will activate an extra attribute for each stage.
- The extra attributes of Archangel Set contain All Soldier Units Attack, All Soldier Units HP, Offensive Damage Taken (Reduction), and Offensive Damage.
- The super powerful extra attributes of Governor Set, Prosperity set, Royal Set and Guard Set contain attributes related to Rally, Soldier Training, Researching, construction, hospital and defending
- If 6 pieces of evolved equipment belong to the same equipment set, 100% of the extra attributes will take effect; if 5 pieces come from the same set, 90% of the attributes will take effect; 4 pieces, 80% of the attributes will take effect. Less than 4 pieces from the same set cannot activate this effect.

All prices are displayed in dollars (USD $). This price was last checked on the United-States App Store 7 hours ago and may have changed.