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Oct 2019

3,18 K votes, average : 4.5 sur 5 3,18 K votes, average : 4.5 sur 5 3,18 K votes, average : 4.5 sur 5 3,18 K votes, average : 4.5 sur 5 3,18 K votes, average : 4.5 sur 5 (3,18 K votes, average : 4.5 / 5)

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Version 6.0 Device iPad & iPhone Compatibility iOS 8.0 + Size 11.9 MB Price $3.99

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Application activity
04 Nov 2019 Increase $3.99
24 Oct 2019 Reduction Free
14 Oct 2019 Update Version 6.0
25 Sep 2019 Update Version 5.9.2
21 May 2019 First price detected $2.99
21 Mar 2018 Update Version 5.9.1
08 Jun 2011 Release
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  • DMD Panorama
Since your camera can shoot a Panorama, why bothering with this app?
Because it completes the whole turn, works with front camera for panoramic selfies, shows the result with an incredibly nice 3d viewer, allows your friends and followers to see the same 3d result even without having the app, makes better pictures even in low-light, exports the 360 Panorama as a looping video, lets you experiment Virtual Reality with Google Carboard...

...along many other things:
- use the Ultra Wide lens on newest phones to capture panoramas with floors and ceilings
- get fantastic resolution with HD upgrade, up to 100MP panoramas
- discover more than 1.3 Million panoramas shared from all over the world,
- create breath-taking panoramas with 3 different Exposure settings,
- follow other panorama lovers and be notified when they upload new pictures,
- edit description, tags, geolocation and privacy settings,
- view your panoramas with our interactive 3d viewer.

We listen and help ([email protected]). We bet you will be impressed, try us!

Please note:
- selfie panorama mode unlocks after you capture and save 10 regular panoramas
- our app shoots only cylindrical panoramas,
- we only stitch the pictures you take with the app,
- in-app HD option is for *all* the panoramas you take on *all* your devices - with the same AppleID,
- your pictures are *not* automatically uploaded unless you explicitly request it.

For spherical capture, get theVRkit app.
For 360 tours, get 360visit app.

Version 6.0

Recent changes
- Ultra Wide lens support for iPhone 11 (Pro and Pro Max too), you can get floors and ceilings
- 4x more pixels on iPhoneX and above, up to 100MP
- Dark mode for iOS13
- and a new icon that we hope you will like
This app was launched in June 2011. If you are a long-time user or just a happy newcomer, please drop us a review.
Would you like us to add HDR capture? let us know at [email protected]
Do you want to capture full spherical images? get theVRkit app.
Fancy a 360 virtual tour? 360visit is for you with Ultra Wide lens support too.

Version 5.9.2

360 closing fine-tuned on XR, XS and XS Max

Version 5.9.1

Bug correction: last update was crashing in some cases of fresh installs. Sorry ...
iPhone X compatibility update.
SPECIAL ANNOUNCEMENT: we have released theVRkit, a spherical capture solution. Get it now on the AppStore.

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