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Nov 2019

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Version 5.6.5 Device iPad & iPhone Compatibility iOS 11.0 + Size 101.3 MB Price Free

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Application activity
26 Nov 2019UpdateVersion 5.6.5
17 Nov 2019UpdateVersion 5.6.4
26 Oct 2019UpdateVersion 5.6.2
13 Sep 2019UpdateVersion 5.6.0
03 Sep 2019First price detectedFree
21 Aug 2019UpdateVersion 5.5.5
16 Apr 2013Release
  • Drunk Mode - Call Blocker
  • Drunk Mode - Call Blocker
  • Drunk Mode - Call Blocker
  • Drunk Mode - Call Blocker
  • Drunk Mode - Call Blocker
Drunk Mode for the iPhone has five features:

1. Stop Drunk Dialing: Our call-blocker hides select phone contacts when you want to get drunk so you cannot drunk call these selected friends for up to 12 hours.

2. Find My Drunk: Our friend finder allows you to track your drunk friends via GPS so you don't lose them when you are out partying.

3. Breadcrumbs: Shows you where you went last night after that crazy party or bar crawl.

4. Find a Safe Ride Home: Quickly find a ride home or walking directions to your friend’s locations.

5. Hotspots: Find the best parties around you in select cities & colleges with our heat maps that display in real time how busy an area is and the girl to guy ratio.

In a nutshell; Drunk Mode doubles as both a party app and a safety app for you to find friends, stop drunk dialing and track where you went last night. With our friend finder, no more will you lose a friend after some crazy party. With our call blocker, never will you drunk dial or drunk text your friends again. Never again will you wake up with a hangover not remembering where you went last night. Drunk Mode is the drinking app that your drunken self has always dreamed of. We are a party app every Friday and Saturday and a safety app when you need it. Basically, your best friend when you go out partying and drinking.

With over 1 Million+ Users; plus being featured on MTV, Huffington Post, USA Today, Tech Crunch, BBC Radio, and Business Insider, we have enough drunken street cred to say, we are both the largest Party App & Safety App on college campuses across the US & UK... Our call blocker and find friends feature is on point, just saying ;)

Drunk Mode: Get Crazy, Stay Safe |

Continued use of GPS running in the background can decrease battery life.

Version 5.6.5

Recent changes
- Fixed some crashes when searching for places
- Made some things look prettier

Version 5.6.4

- Small change to help save some battery
- Location technology updates
- Fixed some crashes
- Updated Drunk Mode for iOS13 users

Version 5.6.2

- Bug fixes
- Updated our location technology

Version 5.6.0

- Fixed a crash for some users when they were viewing their blocked contacts
- Updated our location technology

Version 5.5.5

Bug fixes & location improvements

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