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Feb 2020

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Health & Fitness

Version 3.29 Device iPad & iPhone Compatibility iOS 11.0 + Size 217.9 MB Price $1.99

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23 Feb 2020UpdateVersion 3.29
03 Feb 2020UpdateVersion 3.28
23 Jan 2020UpdateVersion 3.27
18 Jan 2020UpdateVersion 3.26
15 Jan 2020UpdateVersion 3.25
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19 Apr 2019UpdateVersion 3.11
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04 Dec 2014Release
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  • Gymster+ Weight Lifting Log
  • Gymster+ Weight Lifting Log
  • Gymster+ Weight Lifting Log
  • Gymster+ Weight Lifting Log
  • Gymster+ Weight Lifting Log
  • Gymster+ Weight Lifting Log
  • Gymster+ Weight Lifting Log
  • Gymster+ Weight Lifting Log
  • Gymster+ Weight Lifting Log
  • Gymster+ Weight Lifting Log
  • Gymster+ Weight Lifting Log
  • Gymster+ Weight Lifting Log
  • Gymster+ Weight Lifting Log
  • Gymster+ Weight Lifting Log
  • Gymster+ Weight Lifting Log
  • Gymster+ Weight Lifting Log
Weight lifting & IIFYM recipes made simple!

Are you bored of the same old workouts & tasteless "clean" recipes and repetitive workouts? Never be bored again and download Gymster!

User dashboard

• Workout analytics

• Weight tracker for monitoring your progress - average weight feature to avoid data from fluctuations.


• Randomise or manually pick exercises based on equipment at your gym

• Workout analysis that shows total reps, sets, volume and workouts

• 200+ IIFYM recipes with a sort by macros (calories,fat,protein & carbs) feature!

• Why waste time scrolling through exercises you can't perform? Unlike other apps Gymster only returns exercises you can perform based on your gym's equipment!


Looking for a wide range of IIFYM recipes? Looking for specific macro meals? High in fat? Low in carbs? Ketogenic, vegan or vegetarian, Gymster has you covered.

• 200+ IIFYM recipes (if it fits your macros)

• Breakfast, lunch, dinner, snacks and desserts. You'll never need another diet or recipe app again.

• Order recipes by macros, sugar, fiber and time to suit your lifestyle

• Macro bar breakdowns for each recipe making it easy to track macros.

• Recipe creator profiles detailing creator information

• Full nutritional information including calories, fats, carbs, protein, fiber and sugar

• Ingredients and detailed methods for an easy cooking experience


• 2 workout modes (randomised and manual). Keep your workouts fun with randomise mode (like wod but better!)

• Only returns exercises based on equipment you have available at your gym so you never have to worry about which exercises you can or can't perform.

• Save multiple gym presets in case you use more than 1

• 500+ exercises

• 70+ pieces of equipment to choose from including kettlebells, steel mace, bulgarian bags and weight machines. (more added at user request)

• Instructional GIFS for exercises

• Videos for specific exercises

• Never seen before 3D interactive tutorials for specific exercises. Spin and rotate around the animation of the exercise!

• Log your workouts and keep track of progress.

• Swap out feature for exercises you don't wish to perform for randomise mode.

• Quick and easy fitness workout routines no matter what equipment you have or which gym you are at

Additional features

• News section for updates on the app and other news from around the fitness world


• I'm a nutrition coach and I tell all of my clients to get this app if they need food ideas. It is a fantastic resource to expand your pallet and to make fat loss taste good. Combine the workouts and recipe sections and you've essentially got yourself a coach. Great app. In my opinion it is under priced for the value that you get!

• This app is absolutely perfect for anyone!! From either a total beginner just wanting to get started right through to someone looking to get in serious shape. I upgraded from Gymster lite as soon as it was released. As a bikini competitor Gymster recipes give me all I need for a productive off season and a lot of variety and colour to my meals. The macros are all broken down which saves me a huge amount of time. I also use this app to track my workouts and have them pre loaded in. The random selection tool is also great for those days when you just aren't feeling it!! Can't recommend enough

• I'm finishing my year of personal training at my gym and this is the best app for someone like me to learn and keep track of my workouts. Thanks to Bert Kreischer for the heads up on his podcast.

• I've used a few gym apps in the past, but this is undoubtedly the best! The reason for that is the 'random' selection for workouts-input body part(s) and the amount of exercises, and away you go! Gives me a fresh workout every time!

Version 3.29

Recent changes
Updated some missing exercise images. Will continue to add more this month.

Version 3.28

- Bug fix to crashing custom workouts
- Women's beginners bodybuilding plan added
- Changed name of "get big train smart" to "get shredded, train smart".
- Beginners bodybuilding part 2 plan added.

Version 3.27

Bug fix for training plan "Get Big, Train Smart"

Version 3.26

Bug fix to workout analysis

Version 3.25

Supersets, drop sets & pyramid sets for custom workout mode are here!

New training plan added "Get Big, Train Smart"

Version 3.24

But fixes to training plans

Version 3.23

Fixed bug with equipment filter not working.

Version 3.22

Design change for progress photos

Version 3.21

● New design for Gymster
● Brand new gym selection screen and functionality
● Speed improvements to the app
● Fixed issue with weight input populating with first weight rather than last

Version 3.20

● Fixed iOS 13 issues with home screen
● Profile photo upload now fixed
● Added bodybuilding for parents plan

Version 3.19

More training plan bug fixes

Version 3.18

-bug fixes to training plans (Please get in touch if you notice more)

Version 3.17

- New Circuit Training Plan available
- Changed name of Upper/Lower Split to Maximal Gains
- Changed name of Womens Push/Pull Split to Fat Torcher For Women

Version 3.16

- 9 Week home gym training plan added
- Other longer plans have now become in app purchases

Version 3.15

New "bodybuilding for beginners" training plan

Version 3.14

New Exercises Added

-Kettlbell Pass Throughs
-Kettlebell Halos
-Kettlebell Deadlifts
-Kettlebell One Arm Military Press
-Kettlebell Side Lunges

Version 3.13

- Fix to upper body/lower body workout
- Added more medicine ball exercises with videos.

Version 3.12

New exercises added

• Medicine ball lunge & press
• Medicine ball goblet squat
• Medicine ball shoulder press
• Medicine ball one arm squat
• Medicine ball over the shoulder squat

Version 3.11

Over 5 brand new trainer workouts

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