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Dec 2019

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Health & Fitness

Version 3.17 Device iPad & iPhone Compatibility iOS 10.0 + Size 153.4 MB Price Free

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Application activity
07 Dec 2019UpdateVersion 3.17
25 Nov 2019UpdateVersion 3.16
17 Nov 2019UpdateVersion 3.15
07 Nov 2019UpdateVersion 3.14.1
29 Oct 2019UpdateVersion 3.14
26 Sep 2019UpdateVersion 3.12
23 Sep 2019UpdateVersion 3.11
14 Sep 2019UpdateVersion 3.10
06 Sep 2019UpdateVersion 3.9.3
25 Aug 2019UpdateVersion 3.9.2
16 Aug 2019UpdateVersion 3.9.1
31 Jul 2019UpdateVersion 3.9
17 Jul 2019UpdateVersion 3.8
10 Jul 2019UpdateVersion 3.7
03 Jul 2019UpdateVersion 3.6.1
01 Jul 2019UpdateVersion 3.6
23 Jun 2019UpdateVersion 3.5
28 May 2019UpdateVersion 3.4.2
21 May 2019First price detectedFree
19 May 2019UpdateVersion 3.4.1
30 Apr 2016Release
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Gyroscope will change your life. It helps you track everything you do, and gives you constant insights to improve your health. Gyroscope requires a monthly subscription to use.

The app integrates with Apple Health and many other sources to show all your metrics in one dashboard, and surface insights through tools like the Health Score.

Don't have wearables? You can still track most of your life with just the app — like steps, maps, travels, sleep, food, mood, and stress!

Using the Apple Watch app helps you track workouts, heart rate, meditation and even your immune system by wearing the watch at night.


• Featured by Apple as "App of the Day"

• Featured by Apple in "New Apps we Love!"

“Gyroscope is the only product that makes tracking my life easy. With a glance I can tell what I'm excelling at, and what I need to work on. I don't go a day without checking the app.” —Brandon

“Tracking my life in gyroscope helped me lose 75lbs!”

“The insights I get using Gyroscope are priceless. Every day I am able to make more informed decisions that make me a happier and healthier person.” —Chris

“Love the ability to track my location without sacrificing my privacy to Facebook and Google.” —Sawyer

“When I look at my subscribed apps, I always wonder whether I really need them... except for Gyroscope. Never regretted purchasing a subscription. Worth every penny.”

“I think I've been using Gyroscope for a while now and it's by far one of the subscriptions I have that brings me more joy.” —Lucas

”As a college student, maintaining a healthy balance is the key to success. Gyroscope helps me visualize the data in my life so I can balance sleep, fitness, and productivity. Beautiful visualizations and a super useful app!” —Victoria


Gyroscope requires creating an account to sync and view your data, which is completely private & secure!

This lets you access dashboards on the website, makes sure your data is never lost, even if you reinstall the app or change phones.

Your data will NEVER be sold to anyone, and is ONLY used for your benefit. We also show no ads. We only make money through the Gyroscope Pro, which is required to use the app.

While paying for an app can seem expensive, most members prefer paying directly to be in full control of their data and privacy.


Tracking and improving your health in the app can help with:
• Losing bodyfat
• Gaining muscle
• Living longer
• Sleeping better
• Having more energy
• Being more productive

All of these benefits are available for just a few cents per day. If you're motivated and just need the right tools, Pro is for you!

Gyroscope Pro is available in an auto-renewing subscription so you can continue being healthy for the rest of your life. After the free trial period, subscription prices are $12.99 USD/month or $79.99 for a whole year, in U.S. dollars, the prices may vary in other countries and subject to change in the future.

You can subscribe and pay through your iTunes account. Your monthly Gyroscope Pro subscription will automatically renew each month and be charged through your iTunes account, yearly subscriptions will automatically renew each year.

Auto-renew may be turned off by going to your iTunes Account Settings after purchase. Cancellation of the current active subscription period is not allowed. When you cancel the auto-renewal, access to the Pro features will expire at the end of the current payment period.

Subscription automatically renews unless auto-renew is turned off at least 24-hours before the end of the current period. Account will be charged for renewal within 24-hours prior to the end of the current period.


Your data is completely private, but you have the option to add friends or make your profile public. If you no longer want the tracking, you can easily delete your account at

• Learn more about our terms and pricing at
• Learn how we protect your privacy at

Version 3.17

Recent changes
Gyroscope requires a membership to use the service. This update adds more details about health benefits and how this innovative subscription model is ideal for our user's privacy and experience.

• More details on Sleep Analytics
• Bug fixes and improvements

Version 3.16

• New Sleep Analytics report
• New educational guide for sleep
• New bodyfat report card unlocked
• Improved membership details
• Improved app load performance
• Bug fixes & improvements

Version 3.15

• New Sleep and Activity analysis in the Health tab
• Improvements to Health Score & grades
• Improvements to Gyroscope X beta

Version 3.14.1

• Improvements to Health Score accuracy
• Improvements to Health tab
• New forecast for your weight graph
• Bug fixes for offline mode
• Bug fixes for entering workouts
• Bug fixes for dark mode / light mode

Version 3.14

• Improved instructions for using Health Score
• More details for Health Score with accuracy ranges
• New food photo options, can be enabled in settings
• Improved Health tab with grades and sleep analysis
• Fix potential crashes when app is offline
• Fixes for displaying graphs in kilograms
• Fixes for iOS13 dark mode and sharing options

Version 3.12

• New Dark/Light mode auto setting for iOS13
• Improvements to Game of Life (in Play tab)

Version 3.11

This version introduces a new experience in the Play tab—The Game of Life—which will motivate you to be more active, learn new things, and level up yourself in real life.

We've streamlined the app to load much faster and be easier to understand. You can pull to refresh all the tabs to reload the content and make sure you see the latest data.

When setting up a new phone, just log back in and all your Gyroscope data will be there. It's important to give access to Apple Health to continue syncing steps on the new device. We've added some additional checks to make sure everything gets set up properly or warn you if something needs to be changed in settings.

• Simpler and faster Places view
• New report card in Health tab
• Updated settings for Places
• Advanced Places analytics
• View maps for any time period
• Updated Health Score display
• Updated Play tab with game
• Improved app loading speed
• Improved Apple Watch app

Version 3.10

• Improvements to display of reports
• Improvements to Places tracking

Version 3.9.3

New Places tracking options — now you can choose between very high accuracy or low power mode. High accuracy will provide the most accurate routes for your travels, while low power (the default) will use almost no battery while still capturing your frequent places.

• New beta features in Customize screen
• Free trial period for new memberships
• Adding infinite storage as a Pro feature
• Fixes for getting points by referring friends

Version 3.9.2

• Improvements to Places tracking
• Improvements to Pro membership
• Improvements to Friends tab

Version 3.9.1

• Improvements to Apple Watch app
• Improvements to goals in app
• Improvements to Play tab
• Improvements to Health Score display
• New weight analytics screen
• Places, tracking and battery improvements
• Fix display of HRV on older daily reports

Version 3.9

The app now uses much less battery in the background!

• New weight analytics screen
• Improved weight goal options
• Bug fixes and improvements

Version 3.8

• New forget place option to remove or rename a visit
• Fix opening Apple Watch app when offline
• New workout types in Apple Watch app
• Improved app customizations
• Other performance improvements

Version 3.7

• Improvements to friends tab
• Improvements to Apple Watch app
• Bug fixes

Version 3.6.1

• Refer your friends to get points in the app!

Version 3.6

• New Pride icon, available for limited time
• New achievements for winning weekly competitions
• New rewards for sharing with friends
• Bug fixes and improvements

Version 3.5

• New Augmented Reality view of your day!
• Improvements to monthly history
• Improvements to company leaderboard
• Fixes for song and album display
• New entry for blood pressure
• New cholesterol level tracking
• Other bug fixes and improvements

Version 3.4.2

• Improved steps accuracy in leaderboard
• Improved Company leaderboard experience
• Improved Apple Watch meditation interface
• Improved sync from AutoSleep and other apps
• New workout types, like Peloton and SoulCycle
• New options to save workouts from Places!

Version 3.4.1

• Improved syncing of workouts
• Improved list of monthly reports
• Fix pounds and kilogram settings
• Adding Motorcycle to travel options

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