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Dec 2019

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Social Networking

Version 1.8 Device iPad & iPhone Compatibility iOS 9.0 + Size 48.9 MB Price $5.99

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Application activity
28 Dec 2019Increase$5.99
24 Dec 2019ReductionFree
14 Dec 2019Increase$5.99
08 Dec 2019Reduction$3.99
06 Nov 2019UpdateVersion 1.8
05 Nov 2019Reduction$5.99
27 Oct 2019Increase$6.99
15 Oct 2019UpdateVersion 1.7.5
26 Sep 2019UpdateVersion 1.7.1
22 Sep 2019Increase$5.99
18 Sep 2019UpdateVersion 1.7
17 Sep 2019Reduction$2.99
15 Sep 2019Reduction$4.99
15 Sep 2019Reduction$6.99
11 Sep 2019Increase$9.99
10 Sep 2019Reduction$2.99
07 Sep 2019Increase$9.99
02 Sep 2019Reduction$1.99
22 Aug 2019UpdateVersion 1.6.4
20 Aug 2019UpdateVersion 1.6.3
13 Aug 2019Increase$9.99
11 Aug 2019UpdateVersion 1.6.2
10 Aug 2019Increase$3.99
08 Aug 2019UpdateVersion 1.6.1
06 Aug 2019UpdateVersion 1.6
04 Aug 2019Reduction$2.99
30 Jul 2019Reduction$4.99
21 Jul 2019UpdateVersion 1.5.2
16 Jul 2019Increase$9.99
15 Jul 2019UpdateVersion 1.5.1
10 Jul 2019UpdateVersion 1.5
19 Jun 2019UpdateVersion 1.4.4
21 May 2019First price detectedFree
18 Apr 2019UpdateVersion 1.4.2
10 Mar 2018Release
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Igloo is a modern IRC client that supports lots of IRCv3 extensions and works flawlessly with all your favorite networks like Freenode, Snoonet, Rizon, EFnet, and all others. It has a very simple UI and lots of great themes to choose from. It is the only IRC client on iOS to support DCC/XDCC downloads that get synced right to iCloud Drive so you can access them on your iPhone/iPad in the Files app or on your macOS computer right in a folder called "Igloo". We've also added some extra modifications to improve your experience when using a bouncer such as ZNC, and we even support the IRCCloud bouncer.

This client has it all! If you think of something we haven't please let use know and we'll add it!

Key Features:
• SASL Authentication
• ZNC Integration (with push module
• DCC/XDCC support (receiving only)
• File/Image/Audio/Video sharing (via,, or your own custom host)
• FaceID/TouchID protection option
• Input completion for channels, nicks, commands and emoji shortcodes
• Now playing script with support for Apple Music and Spotify
• Inline nick coloring
• Inline media
• Full formatting and colors
• IRCv3 Compliant
• Pretty themes

Have questions/comments/suggestions?
• #igloo on
[email protected]

Version 1.8

Recent changes
• Added a check on launch to make sure your version of Igloo is up to date. So many crash reports come in from people running versions from 5+ months ago. It's time to stop. So now you're gonna get bothered every launch to update.
• Added setting to auto switch between day and night themes along with system style. Enabled by default, and you can select which theme you want for day and night to switch between.
• Added support for the ZNC Playback module
• Added presets to the Add Networks view (Contact us if you have a network you want added)
• Added Default Ident field to Settings
• Added New Light theme
• Fixed "Add Network" button font color on fresh install with a light theme
• Improved physical keyboard experience. Igloo will now auto focus the input field as you start typing if it's not already focused.
• Various bug fixes

Version 1.7.5

• Fixed lag caused by a bad idea from a dumb person

If you experienced any lag from the previous update, feel free to click Support in Settings and come tell Holo that he's a stupid idiot.

Version 1.7.1

• Fixed /list crash fix on iOS 13
• Fixed another issue with DCC
• Fixed nicks not highlighting in /me sometimes
• Added a button for List Channels by pressing the settings wheel
• Added new devices to /sysinfo

Version 1.7

• Fix for DCC/XDCC not working
• Fix for inline complete issue with commas
• Lots of fixes for iOS 13
• Small changes to iPad GUI

Version 1.6.4

• Fixed connect commands

Version 1.6.3

• Fixed broken SASL
• Fixed double messages bug if your nick in your network settings didn't match your current nick if you use ZNC
• Fixed the broken uninformative error messages on disconnect
• Added outputting SSL/TLS protocol and cipher suite information in the status window on connect (thanks to Textual)
• Added a section to network settings to specify commands to run on connect

Version 1.6.2

• Crash fix for loading saved config from iCloud

Version 1.6.1

• TouchID/FaceID crash fix

Version 1.6

• Added TouchID/FaceID setting to authenticate on launch
• Added ability to use a custom upload service for files/images/videos
• Added preset for Imgur (for images and videos) in the new upload service page of settings
• Added Arxius auth page now so you don't have to copy/paste an apikey
• Added Spotify as a music service option for /np (aka nowplaying or music) and media controls (next, prev, play, pause)
• Added channel search GUI for physical keyboard users (Command + K)
• Added emoji short codes the inline complete system :+1:
• Added a network specific Connect on Launch toggle
• Added a setting to select/deselect certain inline autocomplete types
• Added a setting for Default Nick to be used when creating a new network
• Added a setting for Default Real Name to be used when creating a new network
• Added a setting for monospace font apply to title, topic, channel list, and user list now
• Added a setting to convert smilies like :) to their emoji counterparts
• Added /readall which will clear the channel counts for all channels in the current network
• Added indicator to channel list for when you're viewing a networks status window
• Fixed chat pane from sticking if the swipe gesture failed
• Fixed iPad GUI issues
• Fixed some NOTICE handling issues
• Made connection errors a little more human readable
• Small changes to some themes
• Crash fixes

Version 1.5.2

• Added accessibility option for VoiceOver users to have incoming messages read to them
• Added options for custom part/quit messages
• Changed behavior of /join to prepend a "#" if no valid channel prefix is already there
• Fixed slightly imperfect display of the image viewer on X, XS, XR devices in landscape
• Fixed inconsistencies with custom nick color
• Crash fixes, and huge performance increases for some devices.

Version 1.5.1

• Added parsing for znc buffextras module
• Small changes to inline media
• Bug fixes and optimizations

Version 1.5

We've updated our website to include a command reference page and some other information, be sure to check it out to discover some things you didn't know existed. Also, as for the CTCP version replies not being sent on freenode, we've made a change to allow a version reply to go through as long as you have a fake reply set. Freenode collects and shares data about our users and we don't want them to be able to identify you.

Here's some other things that have changed:
• Added support for more IRCv3 capabilities such as chghost, account-notify, userhost-in-names, and multi-prefix
• Added accessibility labels for buttons and messages for vision impaired users using VoiceOver
• Added /shrug command
• Added a GUI to join a channel
• Added a formatting bar so you can send messages with color, bold, italics, etc
• Updated iPad GUI which allows you to toggle the channel and user lists from displaying in landscape mode
• Various theme changes
• Crash fixes, and other improvements

Version 1.4.4

• Crash fix. Sorry about that :(

Version 1.4.2

• Fix for some strange crashes some users were experiencing

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