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Jan 2020

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Version 4.1.9 Device iPad & iPhone Compatibility iOS 8.0 + Size 321.8 MB Price Free

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Application activity
14 Jan 2020UpdateVersion 4.1.9
17 Nov 2019UpdateVersion 4.1.8
12 Nov 2019UpdateVersion 4.1.7
22 Oct 2019UpdateVersion 4.1.6
03 Jul 2019UpdateVersion 4.1.2
21 May 2019First price detectedFree
10 May 2019UpdateVersion 4.1.1
10 Mar 2015Release
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iKlips 4.0 – New Design , New Power
The iKlips 4.0 app is exactly what you need for taking full advantage of each iKlips feature. Featuring 3D Touch support, multi-select, Spilt View, password protection, and even integration with Apple’s Music app to access your iTunes purchase, the intuitive iKlips app elevates your enjoyable iKlips experience to another level.

Better yet, iKlips 4.0 features a newly redesigned interface for iPad to take advantage of its larger screen real estate instead of just blowing up iPhone’s.

The ability to organize, backup and share with friends, family and colleagues on the go gives you the power to do more. iKlips is the only way you’ll want to manage your digital assets.

Managing files, easy peasy
iKlips comes in big capacities to be able to store all you file, with file management scheme build to extends the experience from using PC or Mac, managing files or locate particular files becomes just that easy.

Device, Cloud, got them altogether
the powerful back up functions of iKlips is designed to secure every precious moments, instantly back up all your photos, album, and videos, ready to share with friends and folks. never have to worry about data lost, or even worst, connection lost between contacts.

Multi-format media support
iKlips 4.0 App — it’s not just a file manager, it’s better than most media players and even supports subtitle files.

Safeguard photos and videos
Back up your files directly from the gallery with the Share to iKlips feature to free up limited memory space or make copies of your priceless memories.

iKlips camera, enhanced!
iKlips camera now has separate controls on exposure and focus, allowing for more advance control imaging.
and off course! high definition photos, even 4K videos are able to record directly onto iKlips, saving your phone space while putting these files in secured devices.

Data encryption
Use Touch ID or password protection for your iKlips 4.0 app, iKlips drive or individual files to ensure your privacy.

3D Touch
iKlips 4.0 supports 3D Touch on iPhone 6S and 6S Plus so you can quickly preview files and use helpful shortcuts.

Split View
iKlips 4.0 is fully compatible with the iPad Split View function, allowing you to work on two apps simultaneously and be even more efficient.

For an even better video experience the iKlips 4.0 App can wirelessly play video from your iKlips drive on large TV screens or monitors via Apple AirPlay.

About ADAM elements
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Version 4.1.9

Recent changes
Bug fixed

Version 4.1.8

The adjustment of music playback compatibility issues corresponding to different iOS versions.

Version 4.1.7

iOS/iPadOS 13.2 version compatibility fix

Version 4.1.6

iOS/iPadOS 13 version compatibility fix

Version 4.1.2

Bug fixes and performance improvements.

Version 4.1.1

Thank you for using the iKlips App, we are constantly optimizing our user interface to improve your user experience.
New updates in this version…

1. Adjust the user interface for iPhone Xs Max
2. Fixed some language display errors
3. Bug fixes and performance improvements
4. Garbage dumping with regularity
5. Cleaned the floor

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