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Feb 2020

9,44 K votes, average : 4.5 sur 5 9,44 K votes, average : 4.5 sur 5 9,44 K votes, average : 4.5 sur 5 9,44 K votes, average : 4.5 sur 5 9,44 K votes, average : 4.5 sur 5 (9,44 K votes, average : 4.5 / 5)


Version 4.32.0 Device iPad & iPhone Compatibility iOS 9.3 + Size 106.6 MB Price Free

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Application activity
14 Feb 2020UpdateVersion 4.32.0
14 Feb 2020UpdateVersion 4.31.0
06 Jan 2020UpdateVersion 4.30.1
20 Dec 2019UpdateVersion 4.30.0
04 Dec 2019UpdateVersion 4.29.0
27 Nov 2019UpdateVersion 4.28.0
19 Nov 2019UpdateVersion 4.27.0
15 Oct 2019UpdateVersion 4.26.1
25 Jul 2019UpdateVersion 4.25.0
23 Jul 2019First price detectedFree
04 Jul 2019UpdateVersion 4.24.0
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12 Dec 2012Release
Screenshots iPad iPhone
  • iZurvive - DayZ Map
  • iZurvive - DayZ Map
  • iZurvive - DayZ Map
  • iZurvive - DayZ Map
  • iZurvive - DayZ Map
  • iZurvive - DayZ Map
  • iZurvive - DayZ Map
  • iZurvive - DayZ Map
  • iZurvive - DayZ Map
  • iZurvive - DayZ Map
iZurvive provides you with DayZ maps and their loot as well as maps for Arma 3.
It lets you place tactical markers (player positions, tents, meeting points,..) on it and automatically shares those markers with the friends in your group - without the need for accounts, a registration or other services!

Finding and coordinating your team in the huge open world of DayZ has never been easier!

What other DayZ players are saying about iZurvive:

"This is a great way to find your way around DayZ I use it all the time."

"Been using for about 2 years now"

"If you play day Z standalone you will most surely need this handy map to help navigate the expansive world. You can set waypoints for yourselves and friends. Few map also provides you with an abundance of points of interest for you in game. To make things even better, they are constantly updating these points of interest so that you will always know where to find good loot in-game. This app is a must have!"

- DayZ Standalone (Chernarus+), DayZ Mod and ARMA 3 support
- Arma 3 Support
- High-resolution offline maps
- Lootmaps
- Maps fully zoom- and scrollable
- Easy coordination of your team
- Share tactical markers with your groups
- Measure the distance between points
- Different marker types: player position, vehicle, tent, meeting point, house
- Join groups
- No registration or account necessary

Note that you will need to download at least one free high-resolution map (Chernarus+, Chernarus, Taviana,..) within the app. You will not have to re-download it in future updates.

For any questions, or if you feel that we should really have a certain feature in the next version, please contact us: [email protected]

This app is for non-commercial use only.

ARMA 2™ is a trademark of Bohemia Interactive
ARMA 3™ is a trademark of Bohemia Interactive
DayZ created by Dean "Rocket" Hall, © 2012-2013,

The map of Chernarus is for games by Bohemia Interactive (ARMA, ARMA II, ARMA III,...) and was obtained from publicly available sources.

Version 4.32.0

Recent changes
- New Loottype: Castles
- New Loottype: Amusement Parks

Version 4.31.0

- Lootmap Updates for DayZ 1.07

Version 4.30.1

Fixed a bug that prevented scrolling in the skin selection when many skins are unlocked

Version 4.30.0

-) Lootmap Update for Livonia, added some missing Gas Stations

Version 4.29.0

* New Map: Livonia
* Update Chernarus for DayZ 1.06

Version 4.28.0

* New Workshop Map: Chiemsee
* New Look for the Map Manager

Version 4.27.0

Update DeerIsle for most recent Version

Version 4.26.1

Fix a Crash when opening Search

Version 4.25.0

New Map: Deer Isle

Version 4.24.0

Lootmap Update for DayZ 1.04

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