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Feb 2020

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Version 4.37.0 Device iPad & iPhone Compatibility iOS 10.0 + Size 127.3 MB Price Free

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Application activity
17 Feb 2020UpdateVersion 4.37.0
20 Jan 2020UpdateVersion 4.36.0
26 Nov 2019UpdateVersion 4.35.0
28 Oct 2019UpdateVersion 4.34.0
02 Sep 2019UpdateVersion 4.32.0
05 Aug 2019UpdateVersion 4.31.0
08 Jul 2019UpdateVersion 4.30.0
12 Jun 2019UpdateVersion 4.29.0
21 May 2019First price detectedFree
14 May 2019UpdateVersion 4.28.0
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30 Oct 2012Release
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My EE’s the quickest way for EE customers to control your devices.
(That’s your pay monthly, pay as you go and 4GEE WiFi devices, since you ask…)

It’s easier than ever to check your data, bills and packs. And keep an eye on your spending. And if you’ve got more than one number on your account, you can manage them all. In one little place.

Regular user? You’ll notice My EE has had a serious makeover recently. It’s a whole new look and feel! But this is just the beginning of the journey, we know there’s so much more you want to do in My EE and we’re working on it. So if there’s anything you can’t do in the app right now, watch this space for lots more functionality and updates coming soon.

Here’s what you can do

On pay monthly?
-Check your data in a whizz
-View your bills and see itemised billing
-Stay on top of extra charges
-Check your allowances and add-ons
-See all your numbers in one place
-Get add-ons, including data add-ons. Handy!
-Use Touch ID to keep all your personal info safe and secure
-Set up a PIN when you first log in and you’re ready to go!

On pay as you go?
-Check your data in a whizz
-View your pack in a blink
-Track your Free Boosts
-Check your balance on the go
-User Touch ID to keep all your personal info safe and secure
-Set up a PIN when you first log in and you’re ready to go!

If you do have any questions or need help, please go to

Make life easier and get downloading.

Version 4.37.0

Recent changes
What's New

On pay as you go?

You'll now get notification cards on your home screen letting you know about your current pack status, when you need to top up, when you can claim free data, minutes or text boosts, and more.

Version 4.36.0

What's New

On Pay Monthly?

- If you've incurred any extra charges - for services such as premium rate calls, data add-ons etc - since your last bill, you'll now see a notification card on your home screen to let you how much extra you’ll need to pay on your next bill. No more bill shock!

- If you need more data, and you're looking to buy a data pass, we'll highlight the one which gives you the best value for your usage - so you'll get more data for your money.

Other updates:

Need to verify your email when using the app? We've improved the experience so it's much easier to request a verification email or change the email address you want us to contact you on.

Version 4.35.0

Our new Roaming Cost Calculator means you can easily find out how much it'll cost to use your phone when you’re abroad.

Just let us know where you’re travelling to, and we’ll show you the following:

- What is and isn’t included in your allowances (for example calling and texting back home, sending picture messages, use of the internet and access to your voicemails).
- Any out of allowance roaming charges (what you’ll pay for calls, texts and using data abroad).

Version 4.34.0

On pay monthly?

We've made several improvements to My EE to make your in-app experience better and management of your account easier, including:

- A new 'data view' on your home page so you'll see how much data you've got left - and a countdown to show when your allowances restart.

We've also added new notifications to show info such as:

- how much your last bill was, and whether your latest bill is overdue
- if someone in your family is running low on data
- when your next upgrade’s due.

Version 4.32.0

A new look for What's New

Our What's New section has been having a makeover - and it's now got a brighter, fresher look to showcase all the best and latest content we have to offer.

In What's New, you can check out everything that's new and exciting on EE, from Smart Home products to the latest broadband offers and 5G news - just for you, on the UK's No.1 network.

Version 4.31.0

On pay as you go?
Check your activity
You can now keep a closer eye on your account on your ‘Activity’ tab.
See what you're spending on calls, data, packs and more.
Simply go to ‘Top-up and credit’ in the left-hand menu and select ‘Activity’.

What else is new?
Keep an eye out for What’s new in your menu – our showcase section where you can find our latest and best offers, new and upcoming product news, competitions and more.

Version 4.30.0

On pay as you go?

You can now get FREE support directly from your My EE app.

Simply navigate to the Help section, look for Get In Touch, and tap the 'Call Us' button - you'll then be able to chat to a member of our helpful team.

And because you're already logged into the app, our customer service agents will have all your account information to hand when you're connected.

The service is free from any EE number in the EU (standard rates apply when you're outside the EU).

What else is new?

We’ve upgraded our own upgrade hub – if you’re less than 30 days away from getting your next new iPhone, you’ll see a countdown to the big day, when you’ll be able to upgrade with just a few clicks.

Just select the Upgrade option, and you’ll be able to:

Choose your new phone
Choose a different plan or add-ons if required
Choose to have your phone delivered in store or to your home

Version 4.29.0

It's now also possible to share your data allowance with others on the same account using your Apple Watch.

Version 4.28.0

With our new Smart plans you choose your benefits – and you can swap between them in the My EE app. Choose your benefits at the beginning of your plan, and then switch them when you fancy a change. So if you're off on holiday you might switch to a Roam Further pass, or if there's a big live sport event coming up, you might want BT Sport, or – it's up to you.

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