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Nov 2019

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Version 3.1.0 Device iPad & iPhone Compatibility iOS 10.0 + Size 340.9 MB Price $4.99

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Application activity
03 Dec 2019Increase$4.99
30 Nov 2019Reduction$2.99
20 Nov 2019Increase$4.99
13 Nov 2019Reduction$2.99
04 Nov 2019UpdateVersion 3.1.0
26 Sep 2019UpdateVersion 3.0.4
31 Aug 2019UpdateVersion 3.0.3
22 Aug 2019Increase$4.99
22 Aug 2019UpdateVersion 3.0.2
18 Aug 2019UpdateVersion 3.0.1
15 Aug 2019Reduction$2.99
15 Aug 2019UpdateVersion 3.0.0
11 Jul 2019UpdateVersion 2.2.1
04 Jul 2019UpdateVersion 2.2.0
13 Jun 2019UpdateVersion 2.1.1
06 Jun 2019UpdateVersion 1.1
06 Jun 2019First version detectedVersion 1.0
06 Jun 2019First price detected$4.99
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  • Mystic Vale
Cleanse the curse upon the land! The award-winning deck-building Mystic Vale is now available to play on the go. Use a wide range of cards to heal the world, gain powerful advancements and improve your cards as you play. Choose your advancements wisely to make your cards as powerful as possible, through a unique ‘card-crafting’ system. Play online against your friends or other druids across the world! Mystic Vale also features the ability to battle computer opponents in order to practice your abilities!

You can also expand your Mystic Vale experience with the Vale of Magic, Vale of the Wild and Mana Storm expansions. Adding new advancements, leaders, amulets and vale cards to the base game, each expansion adds extra depth and strategic choices.

Are you ready for a new deck-building adventure?

Create your own powerful cards and uncover amazing combos!

Discover a stunning world filled with fantastical creatures.

Make tactical choices and spend your resources wisely.

Explore thousands of possible card combinations, with more added via expansions!

Version 3.1.0

Recent changes
In this update for Mystic Vale, we've added:

* Option to automatically switch to the active player tab when the turn advances, even if they aren't a human
* Option to locally disable the online chat filter

We've changed the following:
* Growth counter now displays the total Growth from the player's Field and On-Deck card, rather than the surplus Growth, in response to player feedback
* Seed Sowers' dialog now selects the maximum amount of Mana by default
* Deck Browser pages can no longer be interacted with until they finish loading
* Names of other local human players are now editable, except for the least recently added human who is assumed to be the account holder
* Applied a character limit of 20 to editable user names and online game names

We've fixed the following issues:
* AI: Fixed issue where the AI would never choose to activate Seed Sowers
* GAMEPLAY: Fixed Frostcrown Crest not adding +2 Mana when Twilight Shard is evoked but remains on its active side
* GAMEPLAY: Seed Sowers is no longer usable when Spoiled
* GAMEPLAY: Fixed hang when the player Spoils with no On-Deck card
* GAMEPLAY: Fixed issue with the amount of Final VP awarded by Medusa Grotto
* ONLINE: Fixed issue where users could not join any room listed after the first closed room
* ONLINE: Fixed issue where changing game options rapidly would cause some of them to reset
* UI/ONLINE: Fixed the location of the Turn Timer when playing the game at a wider than 16:9 aspect ratio
* UI: Fixed the Amulet view within My Collection not responding correctly to the Esc key
* UI: An Advancement transitioning back to the Commons can no longer be zoomed in, causing the card to be displayed both in the commons and the zoomed in view
* UI: Fixed the Deck Info dialog on the Results Screen briefly displaying the player's name in the colour of the previously selected player
* UI: Interrupting the Flip Leaders/Amulets animation in the My Collection area would lock up the Leader/Amulet shelf
* UI: Fixed animations disappearing on certain operating system configurations
* Steam: Screenshots taken through Steam now have the correct App ID

Version 3.0.4

• Fixed Halo Mountain not displaying the correct amounts of Spirit symbols

• Fixed issue where sleeving an Advancement over Ent Guard would cause the player to lose 1 Mana
• Fixed crash that would occur if Stag Champion's ability was injected onto a card that already contained a Stag Champion
• Fixed issue where Harpy Canyon's dialogue would fail to load if Algeni Upgraded was in the player's field

Version 3.0.3

• Fixed Pridelord not being counted towards the final score on the Results screen
• Fixed using Silver Tree to discard a Card from your Field during the Harvest Phase causing you to lose the resources harvested from that Card
• Fixed hang when Borderwatch Bog's ability is triggered in a local multiplayer game
• TUTORIAL: Fixed an issue in the Amulet tutorial with the Evoke button being overlapped by a message box on some tablet devices which prevented players from progressing
• UI: The flip button on the Choose Amulet screen now says "Flip Amulets"
• UI: The rightmost Vale card in your field should no longer be partially obscured by the buttons

Version 3.0.2

Bug Fix:
Seed Sowers not working in online matches fixed.

Version 3.0.1

Bug fixes for some Mana Storm issues.
Fixes for online stability caused by the Deepriver Crystal Amulet.

Version 3.0.0

MANA STORM NOW AVAILABLE - Added the ability to purchase and play the Mana Storm expansion, featuring new leaders, advancements and amulets!

Version 2.2.1

• Fixed an issue where Wayfarer Portal's dialogue would not open
• Fixed an issue with being able to press the select button on some dialogues before having selected anything

Version 2.2.0

• Pass and Play! Enjoy Mystic Vale with up to 3 friends offline.
• Auto-save and resume. Carry on from where you left off in an offline game.
• Various bug fixes and improvements

Version 2.1.1

• Discover exciting new cards in the Vale of the Wild expansion. Now available for purchase!
• Full cross-platform play now supported.
• Various bug fixes and improvements.

Version 1.1

Feature complete and bug fixes from beta.

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