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Nov 2019

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Version 2.0 Device iPad & iPhone Compatibility iOS 11.0 + Size 77.9 MB Price Free

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Application activity
17 Nov 2019UpdateVersion 2.0
21 May 2019First price detectedFree
24 Apr 2017UpdateVersion 1.1.1
05 Apr 2017Release
  • Panora Slicer
  • Panora Slicer
  • Panora Slicer
  • Panora Slicer
  • Panora Slicer
  • Panora Slicer
  • Panora Slicer
  • Panora Slicer
  • Panora Slicer
  • Panora Slicer
Using Panora you can start uploading your amazing panoramas and other wide-form photos to Instagram. By slicing the photos into pieces you can have people swipe, tap and simply be amazed by those awe-inspiring panoramas you took on your last holiday. Or just your backyard if you have a cool view of course (or not even)...

TLDR; Panora lets you upload panoramas to Instagram.

Some but not all features of Panora are:
> an amazing new photo picker with filtering
> guided posting to Instagram
> album posts (swipe through)
> up to 10 slices wide
> cropping photos to make them fit
> saving slices straight to your photos without posting
> storing your edits as drafts
> saving your finished edits for later access
> More features in Panora Pro (check below)

Panora Pro is the full version of the app and can be acquired using an in-app purchase.

Panora Pro includes the following features:
> adjusting the size of your post to 4:5 and other formats*
> posting to your stories
> multi-row (aka grid or profile mosaic post)
> 48 badges to get your followers swiping
> removing app icon badges
> preview for story posts
> preview for profile mosaic or grid posts

Checkout @PanoraApp on Instagram for more information and examples of what the app can do.

To see what users of the app are posting take a look at #PanoraApp to get even more inspiration!

Version 2.0

Recent changes
The app has been completely redone from the ground up for this second version of Panora. Not even one single line of code has been used that was in the old version. However it does share the amazing functionality the old one had just better and with more features!

Some features of this new version are:
- A new Photo Picker with filter functionality
- An all new Editor with a lot of tools
- The ability to change the size of the post*
- Story posting capabilities*
- Profile Mosaic (multi row) posts*
- A guided posting tool for posting to Instagram
- Saving to your library without posting
- Saving an edit in drafts
- Saving finished edits

* part of Panora Pro (in-app purchase)

And something this new version doesn't have:
- The bugs that were in the old version!

Version 1.1.1

- last selected logo is remembered again
- minor bug fixes

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