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Jan 2020

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Version 1.1 Device iPad & iPhone Compatibility iOS 12.0 + Size 9 MB Price $5.99 Price drop $9.99 1 month ago

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24 Jan 2020Reduction$5.99
10 Sep 2019Increase$9.99
14 Aug 2019Increase$3.99
21 May 2019First price detected$2.99
25 Feb 2019UpdateVersion 1.1
28 Oct 2018Release
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  • Pupil Distance PD Express
  • Pupil Distance PD Express
● No cards needed ● No steps involved ● Highly accurate
Just open the app and get your PD in under 1 second.

PD, Pupil Distance or Pupillary Distance, is the distance between the center of your pupils in millimeters. This measurement is required for making prescription eyeglasses and prescription Virtual Reality (VR) Headsets.

The app will automatically detect your pupils and provide you with your distance and reading PDs.

This app requires a device with a TrueDepth front-facing camera. It is only available for:
● iPhone X, XS, XR, XS Max, and later models
● iPad Pro 3rd Gen 2018 and later models

Version 1.1

Recent changes
● We have revamped the app layout for better usability.
● Now you can tap anywhere on the screen to take the measurement.
● Improved color scheme for better readability on lighter backgrounds.
● The app is now available on iPad Pro with TrueDepth Camera (3rd Generation, 2018)
● Other bug fixes and enhancements.

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