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Feb 2020

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Version 11.4 Device iPad & iPhone Compatibility iOS 12.0 + Size 419.2 MB Price $9.99

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Application activity
08 Feb 2020UpdateVersion 11.4
05 Feb 2020UpdateVersion 11.3.12
01 Feb 2020UpdateVersion 11.3.11
29 Jan 2020UpdateVersion 11.3.10
24 Jan 2020UpdateVersion 11.3.7
19 Jan 2020UpdateVersion 11.3.3
16 Jan 2020UpdateVersion 11.3.1
12 Jan 2020UpdateVersion 11.3
08 Jan 2020UpdateVersion 11.2.1
03 Jan 2020UpdateVersion 11..1.17
30 Dec 2019UpdateVersion 11.1.16
16 Dec 2019UpdateVersion 11.1.15
07 Dec 2019UpdateVersion 11.1.13
27 Nov 2019UpdateVersion 11.1.12
18 Nov 2019UpdateVersion 11.1.11
15 Nov 2019UpdateVersion 11.1.10
13 Nov 2019UpdateVersion 11.1.8
09 Nov 2019UpdateVersion 11.1.7
06 Nov 2019Increase$9.99
05 Nov 2019UpdateVersion 11.1.5
31 Oct 2019UpdateVersion 11.1
25 Sep 2019UpdateVersion 11.0.3
17 Sep 2019UpdateVersion 11.0.1
14 Sep 2019UpdateVersion 11.0
20 Jul 2019Reduction$7.99
16 Jul 2019Increase$8.99
12 Jul 2019Reduction$6.99
08 Jul 2019Increase$7.99
04 Jul 2019Reduction$6.99
07 Jun 2019Increase$8.99
03 Jun 2019UpdateVersion 10.7.3
02 Jun 2019UpdateVersion 10.7.2
02 Jun 2019Increase$7.99
31 May 2019UpdateVersion 10.7.1
28 May 2019UpdateVersion 10.7
22 May 2019UpdateVersion 10.6
21 May 2019First price detected$6.99
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24 Sep 2018Release
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Pyto is a Python 3.8 IDE for iPhone an iPad. Run code directly on your device and offline.


- Python 3.8 with all standard libraries
- Full Python REPL
- Code user interfaces
- Smart code completion
- Use pip to install pure Python modules from PyPi
- Access scripts from everywhere
- Preview images and plots on console
- Multiple windows for iPadOS 13+
- Run scripts and code from Siri Shortcuts
- Interact with other apps thanks to x-callback urls

Included libraries: Numpy, Matplotlib, Pandas, Pillow, SciPy, SciKit-Learn, SciKit-Image, OpenCV, Lxml, Biopython, Cryptography, Bcrypt, and more!

Exclusive libraries:

- pyto_ui - Build an user interface
- notification_center - Customize Today Widgets
- notifications - Schedule notifications
- sharing - Share items and pick files
- pasteboard - Clipboard access
- userkeys - Save values on disk
- sound - Play sounds
- music - Access the Apple Music library
- photos - Accessing photos and the camera
- location - Access user's location
- motion - Motion sensors
- multipeer - Peer to peer wireless connection
- xcallback - Interact with other apps

There is a new Apple Watch app to run a script from it! Your phone must be paired to the Watch.

Version 11.4

Recent changes
- New Apple Watch app!
- New module: motion - Motion sensors
- Bug fixes

Version 11.3.12

- Fixed import errors on SciKit-Learn and Pandas
- Views in pyto_ui can now have custom sizes on sheet mode on iPad

Version 11.3.11

- Updated Pandas to 1.0
- Fixed pyto_ui bugs with subviews

Version 11.3.10

- PytoUI subviews can now be identified by name
- Fixed bugs with PytoUI
- Fixed a bug with Matplotlib

Version 11.3.7

Fixed pyto_ui bugs

Version 11.3.3

Added an 'Add to Siri' button on scripts settings

Version 11.3.1

- 'location.get_location()' now returns a named tuple.
- The 'mainthread' module is now documented.

Version 11.3

- Added x-callback URLs to run code and send the result to other apps (See the documentation for more details)
- New 'xcallback' module to interact with other apps
- The 'Run Code' shortcut can now run code without leaving Shortcuts (without access to third party libraries)
- The line numbers have now the same size as the text in the code editor
- Updated Pillow
- Updated and fixed Pywt

Version 11.2.1

- New alternate icons
- Updated 'setuptools'
- Today Widget
- The 'location' module now works on widgets
- Widgets cannot use custom modules anymore. Setting a widget took too much time and storage.

Version 11..1.17

- Console improvements:
1. Support for background colors
2. Support for bold style
- Bug fixes

Version 11.1.16

- The console now supports colored output
- Bug fixes

Version 11.1.15

- Added new alternate icons
- Bug fixes

Version 11.1.13

- Added a 'sound' module
- Bug fixes

Version 11.1.12

- Added 'title' property to 'pyto_ui.View'
- Added 'reload_action' property to 'pyto_ui.TableView'
- The home indicator is now hidden while editing code
- Fixed pip with some packages

Version 11.1.11

- Modules installed with PyPi can now be executed from "Run module" with correct entry point
- Fixed app template
- The app is now lighter

Version 11.1.10

Bug fixes

Version 11.1.8

- PyPi installer has now a native API
- Bug fixes

Version 11.1.7

- Fixed 'sklearn.tree' and 'sklearn.manifold'
- Fixed 'pdb' when running a second time
- Reviews are now requested less often

Version 11.1.5

- Updated SciKit-Learn

Version 11.1

This update upgrades Python to version 3.8!

Other new features


- Create custom themes (iOS / iPadOS 13+)
- Set a custom font for the editor and the console (iOS / iPadOS 13+)

User Interface

- Pyto now indicates when Python is loading
- Some minor UI improvements


- Indent multiple lines at once
- Unindent lines with ALT+TAB
- Pyto now runs the latest version of a file, so editing in split view with another app is now fixed with apps like iVim,


- Python is now setup a lot faster
- Pillow was updated and ImageDraw now works
- Fixed crash on 'scipy.stats.t.ppf'
- Reload writable modules before running scripts
- Extension modules are now detected by pip
- Fixed "Unable to Load" in Widget: The process is now exited when the widget disappears
- Fixed input being redirected to unwanted script

Version 11.0.3

- The app launch is now faster
- New module: PyNaCl
- Fixed minor UI issues

Version 11.0.1

Bug fixes

Version 11.0

Thanks for using Pyto! This update contains a lot of improvements, new libraries and is optimized to use new features of iOS and iPadOS 13.

New features for iOS / iPadOS 13:

- Multi windows support on iPad: Edit and run multiple scripts in different windows.
- Dark Mode support: The default editor theme is now adapted to the theme used by the system.
- Better Siri Shortcuts integration: Run scripts or custom code from Siri Shortcuts.
- A brand new UI module.

Other new features:

- New modules: SciPy, SciKit-Learn, SciKit-Image, OpenCV, Biopython, Lxml, Pillow and Cffi.
- Run multiple scripts at once.
- The code editor is now synced with other apps so you can edit a script from multiple apps.
- Set the current directory from the REPL.
- The current directory of a script is now contained in the file itself, so the script can be moved without losing the current directory setting.

Version 10.7.3

- Fixed one more time an issue with the editor. That's why testing is important... and I finally did it for this update :)
- Fixed some issues with Siri Shortcuts.
- Added BeautifulSoup4 because there were errors when installing it from PyPi.
- Added a keyboard shortcut (Cmd+Shift+B) to set a breakpoint.

Thank you for your bug reports and suggestions, it helps a lot to improve the application!

Version 10.7.2

This update fixes a bug that was disallowing editing text after running a script.

Version 10.7.1

This update fixes a lot of bugs in the editor, including one that prevented editing scripts from an iPhone.

Version 10.7

- The console and the editor are now resizable.
- You can now keep running scripts while editing another one.
- Suggestions can now be chosen with a hardware keyboard on the editor with TAB and Enter keys.
- Added a setting to show the line between the editor and the console.
- Improved typing of parentheses, brackets and curly braces. Quotes are not anymore completed.

Version 10.6

- CPU usage is now a lot lower.
- Console can now be configured to show at bottom.
- Fixed debugger.

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