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Nov 2019

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Version 3.5.2 Device iPad & iPhone Compatibility iOS 11.0 + Size 82.1 MB Price Free

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17 Nov 2019UpdateVersion 3.5.2
23 Sep 2019UpdateVersion 3.5.1
21 May 2019First price detectedFree
10 May 2019UpdateVersion 3.5.0
08 Mar 2017Release
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Rocket.Chat is a free and open source team chat collaboration platform that allows users to communicate securely in real-time across devices on web, desktop or mobile and to customize their interface with a range of plugins, themes and integrations with other key software.

By opting for Rocket.Chat, users also benefit from free audio and video conferencing, guest access, screen and file sharing, LiveChat, LDAP Group Sync, two-factor authentication (2FA), E2E encryption, SSO, dozens of OAuth providers and unlimited users, guests, channels, messages, searches and files. Users can set up Rocket.Chat on cloud or by hosting their own servers on-premises.

With more than 1.000 developer-contributors and over 22k stars on Github, Rocket.Chat has the largest and most active community of chat developers in the open source communication sector.

When you choose Rocket.Chat, you join a passionate community who help to grow the platform with us!


* Free Open Source Software
* Hassle free MIT license
* BYOS (bring your own server)
* Multiple Rooms
* Direct Messages
* Private Groups
* Public Channels
* Desktop and Mobile Notifications
* Edit and Delete Sent Messages
* Mentions
* Avatars
* Markdown
* Emojis
* Choose between 3 themes: Light, Dark, Black
* Sort conversations alphabetically or group by activity, unread or favourites
* Transcripts / History
* File Upload / Sharing
* I18n - [Internationalization with Lingohub]
* Hubot Friendly - [Hubot Integration Project]
* Media Embeds
* Link Previews
* LDAP Authentication
* REST-full APIs
* Remote Locations Video Monitoring
* Native Cross-Platform Desktop Application


Featured on: Hacker News, Wired, Product Hunt, JavaScript Weekly, WWWhatsNew, ClasesDePeriodismo


* Learn more and install:
* ONE-CLICK-DEPLOYMENT – See instructions on our GitHub repository:

Version 3.5.2

Recent changes
Update to better support iOS 13. Made a few improvements under the hood to keep the app maintainable and compatible with future Rocket.Chat versions. In dev-speak: Updated to Xcode 11 and iOS 13. Upgraded dependencies. Fixed resulting bugs.

Detailed changelog:
- [CHORE] Upgrade RealmSwift to 3.21.0
- [CHORE] Upgrade JitsiMeetSDK to 2.4.1
- [CHORE] Update project files to Xcode 11
- [FIX] Crash on reaction long press or tap
- [FIX] Black screen after login (iOS 13)
- [FIX] Crash on In-App notification (iOS 13)
- [FIX] Alerts disappearing right after presenting (iOS 13)
- [FIX] White screen when joining Jitsi call
- [FIX] White screen when leaving Jitsi call
- [FIX] Jitsi screen on iPad being dismissable and call staying on

Version 3.5.1

- Improved accessibility in some screens;
- Lots of under the hood changes to keep app performant and maintainable with latest Rocket.Chat server versions;

Version 3.5.0

- Now the app supports Threads;
- Do not group messages from the same user, but different alias;
- Added support to two-way SSL authentication;
- Ability to crop the avatar before uploading it;
- Fixed the background color of the "swipe to read" to fill the content;
- Fixed a bug on custom emojis with URL escaped name;
- Fixed a bug with reactions on the main message of a discussion;
- Some fixes on theming overall;

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