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Feb 2020

4,66 K votes, average : 3.5 sur 5 4,66 K votes, average : 3.5 sur 5 4,66 K votes, average : 3.5 sur 5 4,66 K votes, average : 3.5 sur 5 4,66 K votes, average : 3.5 sur 5 (4,66 K votes, average : 3.5 / 5)

Photo & Video

Version 1.20.2 Device iPad & iPhone Compatibility iOS 10.3 + Size 303.3 MB Price Free

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Application activity
26 Feb 2020UpdateVersion 1.20.2
24 Jan 2020UpdateVersion 1.20.1
30 Oct 2019UpdateVersion 1.19.12
25 Sep 2019UpdateVersion 1.19.10
16 Sep 2019UpdateVersion 1.19.9
08 Aug 2019UpdateVersion 1.19.8
01 Jul 2019UpdateVersion 1.19.7
12 Jun 2019UpdateVersion 1.19.6
10 Jun 2019UpdateVersion 1.19.5
22 May 2019UpdateVersion 1.19.4
21 May 2019First price detectedFree
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16 Oct 2012Release
  • Shutterfly Share Sites
  • Shutterfly Share Sites
  • Shutterfly Share Sites
  • Shutterfly Share Sites
  • Shutterfly Share Sites
It's a breeze to manage your team, class, or group with the Shutterfly Share Sites app.

Share and view photos, calendar events, and communicate with your group anywhere, anytime.
Receive notification from key updates and stay connected with teammates, classmates, family and friends.

• Photos: Share, View, Like and Comment on pictures posted by others. Receive push notification when new albums and photos are added. Order personalised Gifts and Prints from Shutterfly.
• Calendar: Manage your site calendar. View date, time, and location of each event. Synch events to your iOS calendar.
• News: View the latest activity on your site.
• Members: Access your Share site member list and add new members.
• Roster / Class List: See the list of players / students and their parents' contact info.
• Snack Schedule: View the snack schedule and sign up to bring food or drinks.
• Sign-up Sheets: Sign up for volunteer activities and tasks (i.e. driving duties, booth shifts, or to bring items or food).
• Availability: See/Update how many players/attendees you have for your events.
• Email: Send emails to your Share site members.
• Message Board: Communicate, participate in discussions with your group. Push notification updates members when there are new messages and replies.
• Videos: View videos posted on your site.
• Group text message: Send SMS text message to members.
Note: phone service provider may limit the number of contacts when sending text messages.

Shutterfly Share Sites are photo-sharing websites that are free, fun, and easy to make. They are a great way to privately share photos with friends and family, sports team, class, or group.

Version 1.20.2

Recent changes
- You can now copy/move pictures and albums between sites you own.
- You can copy pictures and albums to your Shutterfly Account.
- Fixed a crash when opening Shutterfly merchandise UI.

Version 1.20.1

- Small upload optimisations
- Fixed a couple of crashes
- Fixed some screens without dark mode support
- Fixed more minor issues

Version 1.19.12

- Device photos will show "All photos" by default in the Photos screen.
- Fixed problems with Dark Mode in signup and message board screens.

Version 1.19.10

- Fixed problems in iOS 13
- Dark Mode no longer breaks the UI

Version 1.19.9

- Added an easier way to add photos directly to an album
- Availability update now happens without the need to tap Done

Version 1.19.8

- Improved Gifts and Prints UI
- Fixed formatting issues with Addresses
- Fixed issues with player parents editing

Version 1.19.7

- Fix for player avatar not updating in some cases.

Version 1.19.6

- Fix for crash when opening Photos if the user has Folders.
- Photo sources now includes smart albums.

Version 1.19.5

- Delete multiple photos from album
- Phone number validation for members and players

Version 1.19.4

- Added swipe gesture to album and local photos screens.
- Fixed various bugs.
- Upload stability improvements and error handling.

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