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Mar 2020

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Version 5.2.0 Device iPad & iPhone Compatibility iOS 12.4 + Size 55.1 MB Price Free

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19 Mar 2020UpdateVersion 5.2.0
12 Mar 2020UpdateVersion 5.1.2
10 Mar 2020UpdateVersion 5.1.1
07 Mar 2020UpdateVersion 5.1.0
29 Feb 2020UpdateVersion 5.0.3
25 Feb 2020UpdateVersion 5.0.2
21 Feb 2020UpdateVersion 4.9.7
13 Feb 2020UpdateVersion 4.9.5
05 Feb 2020UpdateVersion 4.9.4
01 Feb 2020UpdateVersion 4.9.3
30 Jan 2020UpdateVersion 4.9.2
23 Jan 2020UpdateVersion 4.9
17 Jan 2020UpdateVersion 4.8
16 Jan 2020UpdateVersion 4.6
10 Jan 2020UpdateVersion 4.4
07 Jan 2020UpdateVersion 4.3
05 Jan 2020UpdateVersion 4.2
30 Dec 2019UpdateVersion 3.11
29 Dec 2019UpdateVersion 3.1
21 Dec 2019UpdateVersion 2.6
14 Dec 2019UpdateVersion 2.5
07 Dec 2019UpdateVersion 2.3
26 Nov 2019UpdateVersion 2.2
23 Nov 2019UpdateVersion 2.1
22 Nov 2019UpdateVersion 2.0
15 Nov 2019UpdateVersion 1.61
11 Nov 2019UpdateVersion 1.57
08 Nov 2019UpdateVersion 1.55
28 Oct 2019First price detectedFree
26 Oct 2019UpdateVersion 1.53
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10 Oct 2019Release
Screenshots iPad iPhone
  • Stock Dividend Tracker
  • Stock Dividend Tracker
  • Stock Dividend Tracker
  • Stock Dividend Tracker
  • Stock Dividend Tracker
  • Stock Dividend Tracker
  • Stock Dividend Tracker
  • Stock Dividend Tracker
  • Stock Dividend Tracker
  • Stock Dividend Tracker
  • Stock Dividend Tracker
  • Stock Dividend Tracker
  • Stock Dividend Tracker
  • Stock Dividend Tracker
Stock Dividend Tracker will help you chart and VISUALIZE your dividends and earning power over FUTURE periods of time. Being able to live off of your portfolio's dividend income is a dream many investors have. Most existing brokerages have a boring line-by-line accounting of your dividends, but do not focus on VISUALIZATION. FORECASTING. All converted IN YOUR LOCAL CURRENCY. 
And now introducing, ALERTS! 
* "Notify me when Verizons yield goes above 5%".  
* "Notify me when Verizons ex div is 4 days away".  
* "Notify me when Verizons dividend increases or decreases".

Tracking your dividends and portfolio performance is one of the most challenging aspects of dividend investing. Common excel formulas work for few months before having issues with data providers that leave you struggling.

Our exchange data grows daily. Here is what we currently have within the app:
-USA Stocks
-Toronto Exchange
-Canadian Securities Exchange
-Xetra Exchange
-London Exchange
-Euronext Paris
-Vienna Exchange
-Swiss Exchange
-Madrid Exchange
-Euronext Amsterdam
-Borsa Italiana
-TSX Venture Exchange
-Frankfurt Exchange
-Sao Paulo Exchange
-Euronext Amsterdam
-Copenhagen OMX
-Hong Kong
-Australian ASX

Currency conversion has never been easier: do you have EUR, USD, CAN holdings, and want to know what all the payouts convert into EUR? Divtracker handles this:
-Input your holdings as USD (one time event)
-Select your local currency within Settings (platinum only)
-All screens throughout the app will convert into your chosen currency

There are several forecasting visualizations we provide free of charge:
*Sector pie chart: you can determine how over or under weighted you are in various sectors
*Stock % compared to Portfolio
*Stock Gains compared to Portfolio
*Your compounded yield compared to the stock's current yield
*Dividend increases over the last five years of a stock (if data is available from our provider)
*Projected Dividends Pie Chart: What's my next deposit?
*Projected Dividends Pie Chart: What's my current quarter look like?
*Projected Dividends Pie Chart: What's my outlook through year end?
*Projected Dividends Pie Chart: What's my outlook through 12 months?
*Monthly Income Barchart: Breakdown month by month of data visualization over the next 12 months

We also offer several in-app purchases to support future enhancements, data providers, and the cloud back end.

*Remove ads: $4.99. (lifetime)
*Platinum Monthly: $3.99 (billed monthly)
*Platinum Monthly: $19.99 (billed yearly)
*Platinum Lifetime: $49.99 (lifetime)
All platinum options include Remove Ads feature.

*In App purchases will be charged to your iTunes account at confirmation of your purchase and are non-refundable.
*Subscription payments will be charged to your iTunes account at confirmation of your purchase.
*Subscriptions will automatically renew and payment will be charged to your iTunes account unless auto-renew is turned off at least 24 hours prior to the end of the current period. You can cancel or manage your subscription in your Account Settings after purchase. The cancellation will take effect 24-hours after the last day of the current subscription period.

Terms of Service:
Privacy Policy:

We use SHA-256 RSA encryption.

Limitations and Disclaimers:
This app is idealized, based on closing prices and unrealistic dividend timing, and will never match exact returns. There are no guarantees in stock valuation – it’s hard to predict the future. However, those tools might help point you in the right direction.

Version 5.2.0

Recent changes
-Introducing MyHorizon dividend calculator on both Search Ticker and Ticker Detail scenes (it is about half way down the screen). This will calculate compounding based on your current cost basis (or $10K, configurable, on the search screen) over a period of years, applying dividend growth and capital appreciation (all configurable).
-Adjusted the red on some bar charts (Thanks Robert)
-Notifications expanded to up to 250 viewable (Thanks Ionut)
-Added default check for Div Incr/Decr alert if you already have it enabled (Thanks Ionut)
-Really powerful new sort added: Sector with percent weight. Check it out by tapping Filter/sort, scroll down until you see Sector, and then tap Done. (Thanks Ionut)

Version 5.1.2

-Fixed a bug with defaults not sticking (Thanks Robert)
-Fixed a bug with ex div and earning Alerts firing on prior than today’s ex dividend dates. For those who received alerts on ex div and earnings, please create new alerts.
-Fixed an edit on Alerts for Price action to allow up to share price of 10,000 instead of 100.
-Reduced timer for the green Success messages. TIP: tap outside the green block to dismiss it instantly.

Version 5.1.1

Echoing v5.1.0 again for those who are updating from a lower version: (v5.1.0 was a Major release. Here are the cliff notes: Multi-currency rewrite; Global Defaults; Customized Yield/Exdiv Alerts; Visual Enhancements )
V5.1.1 (this release)
-Fixed a bug with ads not disappearing from remove ads (Thanks Peter)
-Notifications menu now takes you to a dashboard.
-Added another way to create alerts via Ticker Detail>More>Alerts (Thanks Robert)
-Added another way to create alerts via "Swipe left" from Summary holdings screen
-The main search icon from summary now enhanced with two features: 1M|3M|1YR|MAX charting, and create alerts for symbols that you do not currently own, but want to monitor (For example: I do not own Verizon, but I want to know when Verizon yield goes above 5.0%)
-Edits for Create Alerts to only allow values 1 through 100.
-Create Alert for Div Change is now a toggle instead of a value (Thanks Robert).
-Changed Create Alert icon to something more intuitive.
-Shifting gears back on the data. Many emails to address this week from all of you (AMC, PONAX, BHP, FBMPX, VICI, ALMB, BWLPG, ODIYX, DD, to name a few)

Version 5.1.0

(Major release! Here are the cliff notes: Multi-currency rewrite; Global Defaults; Customized Yield/Exdiv Alerts; Visual Enhancements )
-Complete overhaul of multi-currency throughout the app. Please contact me with screenshots if you see any inconsistencies. Instructions will be sent out to those who have foreign stocks with a required one time data correction.
-Brand new Global Defaults page (Settings > Profile > Defaults) to control certain aspects of the app behavior, inspired from user feedback.
-ALERTS ARE HERE! Check out the screens under Ticker Details > Top right envelope icon.
-Performance overhaul on the dreaded “Updating Tickers (source 1 of 5)…”. You will not even see it anymore! It has gone to the background. Also, check out on global defaults if your interest is only USA securities, you can speed up background refreshes and searches by setting USA Only default.
-All new “App Events” added to Notifications (lightning bolt icon).
-Price increased planned for March 8th for new subscribers only, in an effort to support the longevity of the app due to our increasing monthly data provider fees.
-New counting animation on summary screen - will propagate throughout the app soon (you can disable this on the new defaults page if you do not like it!)
-Fixed a bug on sorting with Gain and Cost
-Fixed a bug with logos not appearing on Ticker Detail>More>Peers
-Added ability to press enter on search to auto-search, and also a green checkmark will appear on crowdsourced -Added ability to press enter on CSV Import code screen
search history if it exists in your current portfolio
-All new status message design
-Added order by pay date for Next Deposit notifications (Thanks George)
-Quoted times (info button next to stock price) are now converted from UTC to your timezone
-Fixed a bug with portfolio holding count was off by one (it was counting the ad as an extra holding!)

Version 5.0.3

-Added chart support for 1M|3M|1YR|MAX for your holdings. You can pinch-zoom and you can hold-pan(drag) on the chart. Try it out!
-I will be working on backend processes for the next week, resolving data inconsistencies (yields in particular). Thank you for your patience.
-A big thanks to DOUG who sent me a screen recording of a crash for folks only with Ads.
**FRIENDLY REMINDER: YEARLY and LIFETIME prices are increasing around the first week of March. All current subscribers will not be impacted. **

Version 5.0.2

-Fixed an issue with multiple portfolios on the Notification screen. If you see duplicate notifications, just swipe left to remove them.
-Added the number of Portfolio Holdings on the summary screen (thanks DaniEL)
-More symbol logo urls (Thanks DD,Bill)
-Added commas to Info button numbers (Thanks DD)
-Added new info buttons on Ticker Detail for the gain/stock circle percentages (Thanks Bill)
-Added # of days on Summary when sorted by pay/ex date
-For those who had preferreds, I did some cleanup on the tickers. The format from my provider is [symbol]-P[series], so for example, BK-PA. Why they decided to do it that way, I'll never know. If you do, send me an email and educate me :)

**FRIENDLY REMINDER: YEARLY and LIFETIME prices are increasing around the first week of March. All current subscribers will not be impacted. **

Version 4.9.7

(Breakfix version)
-Fixed a bug with monthly/yearly subscriptions from the last release. My most sincere apologies for those who were without Platinum for a few hours! I am trying to catch them every few hours on the backend and following up with an email to those impacted.
-Fixed a backend program to include over 4,000 new symbols (Thanks Sonja)
-Added sort by pay date

Next release: Export your portfolio to CSV, Next Deposit Notification

** Friendly reminder, PLATINUM YEARLY and LIFETIME price increase will happen around March 1. All current subscribers will not be affected. **

Version 4.9.5

-PEERS has had some enhancements, check it out under your favorite stock > More > Peers (a little crowd sourcing).
-Fixed ads not disappearing right away after purchasing ‘remove ads’
-Changed Fidelity and Vanguard images to the standard gray circle format because it was confusing users on Calendar view to see multiple icons
-Enhanced validation on ‘Edit’ to now tell you which ticker is in error
-Ticker>Detail>More>Edit now accepts fractional shares
-Continued backend data normalization activities
-Weekly snapshots have started being collected, soon will have a weekly screen/notification!

Version 4.9.4

-Performance on Summary>Ticker Detail>More>Peers
-Minor UX changes (< Back now has a back button image)
-Face ID now live for all Platinum members
-Cleaned up (removed) DRIP entries for non-platinum members
-Added after hours display on quotes, also color coded negative/positive percentages
-Tweaked chart on div growths to allow for negatives
-Summary and ticker detail now work on Airplane mode
-Added Info buttons for ‘Recent Dividends’ and ‘Dividend Growth’ to show details!

Version 4.9.3

-Enhanced font on Monthly, Deposit Forecast and Div Changes screens (Thanks GeorgeW)
-Tweaked Face ID to allow 60 second grace period between re-auths (Thanks GeorgeE)
-Fixed a bug on Dividend Growth (Thanks Cindy!)
-Combed through many dividend yields and corrected them programmatically.
-Changed bar charts to be dynamic based on payment frequency
-Added simple 'sorted by' text on Filter/Sort on Summary

Version 4.9.2

-Introducing ASX (Australian Exchange) beta (only ex-dividend dates, pay dates are coming soon)
-Added logo to search history grid
-Removed “&” in company name across all data sets
-Tweak to Calendar background color to meet in the middle for the ‘dark mode’ vrs. ‘Light mode’ enthusiasts
-Added Settings > Re-Download Ticker Database for troubleshooting / delivering data faster than an app update
-Fixed tapping the down arrow when switching portfolios on summary screen.
-Fixed “Today’s Yield” on ticker detail for some tickers.

Version 4.9

-Face/Touch ID is now in BETA! Platinum users contact us for a beta passcode
-Pie chart data sent to the Sector breakout screen now shows ALL your sectors, not just Top 10 (Thanks Daniel)
-Sector abbreviations are here - no more "Communication S". If you have a suggestion on a new abbreviation, send it to us
-Fix on percentages for TotalValue (Thanks Ed)
-Calendar now forced to light mode due to many ticker logos transparent from vendor and were “invisible” to users (DIS for example).

Version 4.8

-2nd attempt to squish the bug plaguing updating your holdings. Thanks for everyone's patience.
-Earnings calendar should not have duplicates anymore; please let me know if you see them crop up again!

Version 4.6

(minor release)
*Added two new exchanges per request: Shenzhen and Taiwan exchanges.

Version 4.4

*New exchanges (Oslo, Stockholm, Helsinki, and Hong Kong) !
*Fix on TotalValue for Yield on Cost/Market (Thanks Ed)
*Added "extended" price quote when applicable from my data providers
*Added another 10,000 or so news stories
*Added some backend tracking for troubleshooting monthly subscribers that have paid but platinum is disappearing.

Version 4.3

(minor release)
*Added two new fields to Ticker Detail: Yield on Cost, and Cost Basis!
*Added symbol news to Search Ticker!
*Fixed a bug on Editing holdings that was messing up Cost Basis
*Trying to track down a random NetworkError during in app subscription purchase

Please be patient with us while we are busily writing backend processes to get more up-to-date dividend data. We are 1-2 weeks out still.

Version 4.2

(Minor release)
*Yield on Cost on Summary page!
*Fixed some Info button numbers
*Added Gains to Summary Detail
*Check out the new search ticker history table. It aggregates all the searches users do around 20 countries that use Divtracker to give you an idea of what popular tickers are being searched on.

TBD: Working very diligently on the backend data. Please give me another week to get something worthy to announce.

Version 3.11

(Minor bug fixes)
*Fixed crash on adding new holdings (Thanks George)
*You can now swipe right at Summary on each holding for actions: Delete holding, Edit Holding
*Tighten up Ticker Details for stocks in pence (GBX).
*Fun confetti when purchasing platinum now and also when tapping on push notifications :)
*We now support the following exchanges:
USA Stocks
Toronto Exchange
Canadian Securities Exchange
Xetra Exchange
London Exchange
Euronext Paris
Vienna Exchange
Swiss Exchange
Madrid Exchange
Euronext Amsterdam
Borsa Italiana
TSX Venture Exchange
Frankfurt Exchange
Sao Paulo Exchange
Euronext Amsterdam
Copenhagen OMX
Keep in mind that for all the foreign exchanges, our data providers only carry ex-dividend date (for now), so we are limited in what we can display.

** JAN 1, 2020, Platinum for Life will be raised to $49.99, due to an overwhelming demand at its current pricing to support this app’s developer and API costs for the foreseeable future. **

Version 3.1

(Minor bug fixes)
*Dividend changes page had a bug on calculating amount. Also added your shares to the screen. (Thanks Louis).
*Fixed a dreadful bug that was setting foreign stock’s currency to USD on the backend. If you had global currency set to other than USD, this will impact all your screens if you had foreign stocks. (Thanks Louis)
*LSE London stock exchange from our provider is quoted in pence, and we are now dividing this by 100 to give you a correct GBP quote/estimate. More on this will be done in a future release to other screens. (Thanks Llyod)
*Changed ‘Contact Us’ to point to gmail first, then default to standard apple mail client.

** JAN 1, 2020, Platinum for Life will be raised to $49.99, due to an overwhelming demand at its current pricing to support this app’s developer and API costs for the foreseeable future. **

Version 2.6

Minor release for bug fixes and backend code cleanup.

Version 2.5

Minor release
*Added Prev/Next to new sector popout so you can scroll through all your sectors! Also changed color schemes to be readable (Thanks Wanye)
*Heatmap change: ex-div is replaced with Div Yield. (Thanks George)

Version 2.3

-All new subscription based model for those who do not want to have to commit to a large ticket item - try before you buy! Everyone who has a prior purchase will be grandfathered into Platinum. Thanks for helping us grow to new heights!
-All new redesign of ‘Settings’ screen
-You asked for it: TotalValue Portfolio on the menu now shows ALL YOUR PORTFOLIOs on one screen, broken down by some amazing graphical slices. Try it out and give us some feedback.
-Added QuickSwitch for multiple Portfolio’s using a dropdown on the Summary (look for the down-arrow)
-Fixed an issue with DRIP switch not persisting on Ticker Detail>More>Edit
-Added ‘read count’ for news
-Calendar selection is now remembered (earnings, payment, or ex div date type)
-Fixed ticker search weighting algorithm
-Enhanced ticker search: first, by US symbols, second, by weighted average held by others, third, by name, fourth, by non US symbols.
-Minor bug fix on Switch Portfolio Portfolio Value not converting to local currency
-Minor bug fix on mixed currency portfolio on summary holdings when having US currency but holding a non-usa stock it did not convert correctly

Version 2.2

-Two new calendar features for Platinum Members! Earnings and Ex-Div. Check them out and give us some feedback if you would like us to expand this to include estimate/actual, 5yr historical, etc.
-Info buttons now include the data that we use for our calculations, including currency rates for those that have non-usd holdings. An example is under Ticker Detail > Tap Info next to Gains (only will appear for non US holdings)

*We are working on our next release that will introduce month subscription option to be Platinum to offer people an option to "try before buying" such a large in app purchase. Additionally, Platinum for life is increasing in price, so if you had any consideration on purchasing, we strongly suggest you to treat yourself Thanksgiving week!

Version 2.1

-Resolved Heatmap refresh issue
-Added currency conversion to Heatmap as well! Check it out Platinum members :)
-Added a default news feed of top user-clicked news when no news is found for your portfolio of symbols
-Minor UX changes

Version 2.0

-Fixed a crash on main Summary screen.
-Added more Info icons throughout app
-Sector override now works for those who want to customize (Ticker Detail > More > Edit)
-FDRXX (Fidelity cash reserves) now is available with yield. If you know any other symbols from other brokerages please send us an email and we will add it to the daily refresh.

Known bugs we are research:
-Mutual funds are showing short/long term capital gains in their dividends

Version 1.61

Minor release:
-Fix Dark Mode UX issues (Thanks Pakeezha)
-Fix to CSV import (Thanks Wayne)

Version 1.57

Minor release:
-Hide phone number until backup/sync or platinum is purchased (it was confusing people)
-Added news tracking (back end) feature to be able to sort by "popularity" in a future release

What are we working on for the next major release?
PERFORMANCE! We know it's running a little slow to load all the screens. Please have a little more patience :)

Version 1.55

Minor release to resolve stability issues:
-Performance increase to Ticker Detail (average dropped from 5sec to 2sec)
-Believe to have fixed a fixed a crash on Ticker>More (caused by tapping More before the data loaded)
-Fixed Delete on Get Started (Thanks JC)
-Fixed adding symbols manually tabbing over (Thanks David)
-Fixed (Thanks Gurmeet)
-Multi-currency support is coming closer to deployment! Contact us if you'd like to beta test it :)
-Minor UI fix on Summary screen during API load

Version 1.53

-Resolved an app outage we had Thursday 4pm EST - 9pm EST and again Friday 3PM-7PM. Very sorry. Thanks for your patience.
-Say goodbye to those persistent Tips! They will show once then never show again (Thanks Clint).
-Enhancements to Peers (check it out at Summary>Ticker Detail>More>Peers)
-Enhancements to DRIPs (check it out at Summary>Ticker Detail>More>Div Reinvestments)
-Added "Today's Change" to summary screen, and if you tap on the arrow, it will take you to the Heat Map.

All prices are displayed in dollars (USD $). This price was last checked on the United States of America App Store 2 weeks ago and may have changed.