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Sep 2019

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Version 1.42.2 Device iPad & iPhone Compatibility iOS 9.2 + Size 68.4 MB Price Free

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Application activity
25 Sep 2019 Update Version 1.42.2
21 Sep 2019 Update Version 1.42.1
15 Sep 2019 Update Version 1.42.0
13 Sep 2019 Update Version 1.41.0
26 Aug 2019 Update Version 1.40.0
20 Aug 2019 Update Version 1.39.1
14 Aug 2019 Update Version 1.39.0
09 Aug 2019 Update Version 1.38.3
07 Aug 2019 Update Version 1.38.2
04 Aug 2019 Update Version 1.38.1
31 Jul 2019 Update Version 1.38.0
30 Jul 2019 Update Version 1.37.1
25 Jul 2019 Update Version 1.37.0
19 Jul 2019 Update Version 1.36.0
16 Jul 2019 Update Version 1.35.3
11 Jul 2019 Update Version 1.35.2
08 Jul 2019 Update Version 1.35.1
03 Jul 2019 Update Version 1.35.0
30 Jun 2019 Update Version 1.34.0
25 Jun 2019 Update Version 1.33.0
22 Jun 2019 Update Version 1.32.2
18 Jun 2019 Update Version 1.32.1
13 Jun 2019 Update Version 1.32.0
09 Jun 2019 Update Version 1.31.1
08 Jun 2019 Update Version 1.31.0
04 Jun 2019 Update Version 1.30.0
31 May 2019 Update Version 1.29.3
30 May 2019 Update Version 1.29.1
28 May 2019 Update Version 1.29.0
25 May 2019 Update Version 1.28.2
23 May 2019 Update Version 1.28.1
21 May 2019 First price detected Free
17 May 2019 Update Version 1.28.0
20 Jul 2014 Release
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  • Strongbox Password Safe
  • Strongbox Password Safe
  • Strongbox Password Safe
  • Strongbox Password Safe
  • Strongbox Password Safe
  • Strongbox Password Safe
  • Strongbox Password Safe
  • Strongbox Password Safe
  • Strongbox Password Safe
  • Strongbox Password Safe
  • Strongbox Password Safe
  • Strongbox Password Safe
  • Strongbox Password Safe
  • Strongbox Password Safe
  • Strongbox Password Safe
  • Strongbox Password Safe
  • Strongbox Password Safe
  • Strongbox Password Safe
  • Strongbox Password Safe
Strongbox is an application for keeping all your passwords safely stored and protected by one master password. Supporting the open source Password Safe and KeePass formats. Strongbox is a Freemium application offering enhanced Premium options as well as a super functional basic feature set.

Face ID & Touch ID capability or PIN Codes, for the ultimate in convenience and speed.

Cloud Support, so you can access your cloud safes using iCloud, Dropbox, OneDrive, Google Drive, WebDAV or SFTP even when offline. Use the built in Files app for many other storage options, or store them securely only on your local device. You choose your storage.

Secure, protected by time tested industrial strength cryptography.

Search your entire set of passwords and secrets instantly and powerfully, with deep search. Autocomplete new entries, and auto generate secure passwords.

Timed Auto Clear Clipboard, Entry History, Field References, Place Holders, KeePass Custom & FavIcon Icon support & Two Factor Authentication codes (TOTP)

Standards compliant, using the time tested Password Safe and KeePass formats so you can import any existing password safe you have.

Import/Export by Files app, Email, CSV, iTunes File Sharing or use cloud storage.
• Strongbox Password Safe provides In-App Purchases (both auto renewable subscriptions and one-off non consumable) for Pro versions of the App
• Subscriptions are auto renewable with recurring billing. Cancel anytime.
• The time period of the subscriptions are monthly, 3-monthly or yearly at users discretion
• The user can also choose to purchase a 'Lifetime' one-off Pro version of the App
• Payment will be charged to iTunes Account at confirmation of purchase
• Subscription automatically renews unless auto-renew is turned off at least 24-hours before the end of the current period
• Account will be charged for renewal within 24-hours prior to the end of the current period, and identify the cost of the renewal
• Subscriptions may be managed by the user and auto-renewal may be turned off by going to the user's Account Settings after purchase
• Any unused portion of a free trial period, if offered, will be forfeited when the user purchases a subscription to that publication, where applicable
• Strongbox Privacy Policy may be found here:
• Strongbox Terms of Use may be found here:

Version 1.42.2

Recent changes
[x] iOS 13 Fixes (Microsoft OneDrive, UI Glitches)

Version 1.42.1

[x] BugFix: Attempt to fix App Lock Touch ID Problem
[x] Disable Universal Clipboard on Copy
[x] German Localisation: Truncation fixes

Version 1.42.0

[x] iOS 13 Dark Mode
[x] UI Fixes for Accessibility (Large Font)

Version 1.41.0

[x] Memory Performance Improvements (especially Auto-Fill related)
[x] Display Argon2 Memory setting (useful for debugging Auto-Fill crashes)
[x] UI Improvements & Localisation fixes for German
[x] Advanced Preference: Turn off connectivity monitor
[x] Connectivity Monitor now uses instead of
[x] Allow user to pin items in Read Only mode
[x] BugFix: Double slide left in browse disables 'Close' button

Version 1.40.0

[x] Pin your favourite Items & Groups (Slide Left -> Pin)
[x] Configurable Quick Views (Pinned Items, Nearly Expired Items (less than 2 weeks) and Expired Items)
[x] Database Auto Lock timeout now configurable per database (rather than global)
[x] Improved German Localization
[x] Additional Auto Fill warning for Large Databases (greater than 3MB)
[x] Explanatory Text for "Flags" view preference (Databases and Browse)
[x] Progress indicator for long running imports
[x] Various other miscellaneous UI tidies

Version 1.39.1

[x] German Localization
[x] BugFix: Hide Recycle Bin entries in Flat List view
[x] BugFix: Clipboard clear stack overflow

Version 1.39.0

[x] Enhanced Expired Entries
- Show slightly transparent in Browse
- Option to show/hide in Browse
- Option to show/hide in Search
[x] Further Localization Groundwork
[x] Option to always use Offline Cache in Auto Fill context
[x] Reduced WebDAV connect timeout
[x] UI BugFix: Disappearing Cancel button in Edit mode when switch to Password settings
[x] Technical Debt: Remove InitialViewController Tabs

Version 1.38.3

[x] Fix AutoFill Localizations

Version 1.38.2

[x] Duplicate Entry - Slide Left Action in Browse
[x] Edit Entry Immediately - Slide Left Action in Browse and Fast Action Configurable
[x] Localization Groundwork Part I

Version 1.38.1

[x] Full Auto Fill support for "Files" based databases
[x] Minor tweaks

Version 1.38.0

[x] Improved Quick Launch - Simplified Interface, Removed Non Standard UI, Auto Prompt for Setup
[x] Customisable Databases List - Show/Hide icon, filename, storage, last cache date, status icon, and separators
[x] Yubikey Secret is now a password field
[x] BugFix: Add shared new Local Files to the Databases List from the Welcome wizard
[x] BugFix: AutoFill Biometric Cancellation should not lead to hang

Version 1.37.1

[x] BugFix: Duplicate Unlocks when using Quick Launch with Delayed Auto Lock Database
[x] BugFix: Allow Device PIN Fallback on App Lock Biometrics
[x] BugFix: Biometric Lockout should not disable App Lock
[x] BugFix: Possible infinite loop in Clear Clipboard

Version 1.37.0

[x] Print Emergency Hard Copy of your Database (under Database Management)
[x] View Database Attachments Pool (independently of Entries) - (under Database Management)
[x] Accessibility Improvements - Labeling in Details and Custom Fields views
[x] YubiKey Master Secret - Convenience Unlock-able
[x] Offline Cache now possible for "Files" based databases
[x] Only request Touch/Face ID once if requested in App Lock and in Quick Launch mode (Preferences > Advanced Preferences > App Lock Bio...)
[x] Local Device Database Improvements
- Default to shared storage
- Option to switch between shared storage and Documents (Files accessible) storage
- Shared Storage files are fully Auto Fill accessibly (Live RW access, Create new entries from Auto Fill)
- Slide Left on Local Database to toggle storage mode

Version 1.36.0

[x] Yubikey Secret Workaround (Read-Only Open)
[x] Improved Accessibility (Fix missing voice over labels)
[x] iPhone Split Screen capability (Master-Detail on large format screens)
[x] Onboarding: Ask about iCloud if available

Version 1.35.3

[x] Better Default: Auto Clear Clipboard to On (90 seconds)
[x] iCloud: Always prompt to copy local on import database
[x] BugFix: AutoFill Create New Entry not possible

Version 1.35.2

[x] Improvements to TOTP Refresh implementation - Smooth Scroll in Browse and Details view with TOTP

Version 1.35.1

[x] Add Attachment by taking Picture (Does not store image in Camera Roll)
[x] Improve WebDAV URL Entry (Allow Spaces and Auto Trim trailing slash)
[x] New modern 2019 App Icon and Splash Screen
[x] BugFix: View As (TOTP List/Flat List) don't work if hiding Recycle Bin/Backup folder

Version 1.35.0

[x] Improved Password Generation for both Basic and Diceware (XKCD) methods
- Select from Diceware Wordlists in different languages:
- Catalan, Dutch, French, German, Italian, Japanese, Polish, Spanish, Swedish
  - English: (EFF Large & Small, SecureDrop, Beale)
- Hackerify (l33t speak)
- Select Casing (Upper, Lower, Title, Random)
[x] Support for absolute expiry date in Password Safe databases
[x] Allow easier selection of Year/Time for Expiry Date
[x] BugFix: Search should remain in place after segue back
[x] BugFix: Icon should not be clipped in browse view (Aspect Fit)
[x] BugFix: Notes double tap in edit should use default select word behaviour
[x] BugFix: Improve scrolling experience in Browse with TOTPs present.

Version 1.34.0

[x] KeePass Expiry (Beta)
[x] FavIcon Improved Downloading
[x] BugFix: KeePass 1 TOTP Storage
[x] BugFix: AutoFill Cache Problem - QuickType should respect AutoFill Enabled setting
[x] BugFix: AutoComplete should only replace text at end of Text

Version 1.33.0

[x] Browse UI: Configurable Tap Actions
- Configurable for Single, Double, Triple Tap & Long Press
[x] Support for Steam TOTPs
[x] Unify Export UI (Move into Database Operations)
[x] Browse UI: All preferences are now per database
[x] Browse UI: BugFix - Noticeable delay rendering top-most row
[x] Details UI: Double Tap to Launch URL & Copy Password, Single Tap to Copy URL
[x] Store TOTP Settings even if using defaults (improve interoperability)

Version 1.32.2

[x] BugFix: Key File Management Crash on Import

Version 1.32.1

[x] Browse View: View As (Hierarchy, List, TOTP List)
[x] Key File Importation Improvements
- Allow use of Key Files in Auto-Fill Context
- Optionally allows users to protect from iOS Files / iTunes File Sharing access
[x] Groundwork refactoring for Shared Local Device databases
[x] Fix README typo

Version 1.32.0

[x] Browse Sorting Options (Title, Username... Ascending/Descending)
[x] UI Tweaks
[x] Auto Determine Empty or No Password for KeePass 2 with Key File Open
[x] BugFix: Easy Read Font setting does not take effect immediately

Version 1.31.1

[x] Move View Preferences into Views for better context and cleaner general preferences
[x] Add Twitter Link in Preferences
[x] BugFix Import/Copy To
[x] BugFix: Master Detail Splitter View - Master update on Pop View Controller

Version 1.31.0

[x] Large Screen Split View (Master/Detail) Beta (iPad Only iOS 11+ Only)
[x] Restore 'Read-Only' setting for easy access in Convenience Unlock scenarios
[x] Surface 'Allow Empty/No Password' advanced setting on Unlock screen
[x] Remember Interpretation of No/Empty Password Setting
[x] Welcome / Onboarding for first time users
[x] KeePass 1 KDB Key File BugFix: Do not interpret XML file as KeePass 2 XML Key File
[x] UI BugFix: Alert out of place after App Switch
[x] BugFix: Non Instant PIN Unlock users can become locked out of Preferences

Version 1.30.0

[x] New Create, Add, Rename, Set and Get Credentials unified UI
[x] XML Cleanup before processing for strange/illegal prefixes (KdbxWeb)
[x] PIN Code UI fix for small screens and non instant open
[x] Various UI Tweaks / Reorganisation

Version 1.29.3

[x] Unlock: Key Files Enhancements - Import, Remove, Select & Remember selected
[x] New Preference - Browse: Launch in Search Mode Preference
[x] New Preference - Browse: Item Subtitle (None, Username, Password, URL, Email, Modified)
[x] Continued UI Tidying

Version 1.29.1

[x] New Master Credentials Entry Screen
[x] UI Improvements to PIN Entry Screen
[x] UI: Standardize Auto-Fill and App Databases List
[x] BugFix: Broken Segue to Upgrade from Quick Launch
[x] BugFix: Keep Quick Launch Databases List Button visible in Landscape mode
[x] BugFix: Import from Files should ask to edit or copy
[x] BugFix: KDB strings should be null terminated

Version 1.29.0

[x] New PIN Entry UI
[x] Reworked Preferences UI
[x] Other Minor UI Improvements
[x] BugFix: Detect duplicate import and prompt for update/copy

Version 1.28.2

[x] Delete all data on too many unlock fails (configurable)
[x] Copy TOTP from Browse (Triple Tap)
[x] Various UI Improvements
[x] BugFix: KeePass Date/Time issues (.NET Base Epoch Offset Incorrect)
[x] BugFix: Open from Files or other Application on Cold Start not working
[x] BugFix: KeeOTP percent encoding issue
[x] BugFix: Convenience Unlock failure should clear convenience unlock settings

Version 1.28.1

[x] BugFix: Import Procedure must wait for Privacy Screen to disappear before continuing

Version 1.28.0

[x] App and Preferences Lock (PIN and/or Biometric, with optional delay)
[x] Various UI improvements
[x] BugFix: Cancelling PIN Setting leads to incorrect error message.

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