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Mar 2020

17,49 K votes, average : 4.5 sur 5 17,49 K votes, average : 4.5 sur 5 17,49 K votes, average : 4.5 sur 5 17,49 K votes, average : 4.5 sur 5 17,49 K votes, average : 4.5 sur 5 (17,49 K votes, average : 4.5 / 5)


Version 4.5.6 Device iPad & iPhone Compatibility iOS 10.0 + Size 1.8 GB Price Free

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Application activity
23 Mar 2020UpdateVersion 4.5.6
18 Mar 2020UpdateVersion 4.5.5
18 Feb 2020UpdateVersion 4.5.4
27 Jan 2020UpdateVersion 4.5.3
23 Dec 2019UpdateVersion 4.5.2
12 Dec 2019UpdateVersion 4.5.1
13 Nov 2019UpdateVersion 4.5.0
24 Oct 2019UpdateVersion 4.4.8
14 Sep 2019UpdateVersion 4.4.4
03 Sep 2019UpdateVersion 4.4.3
29 Aug 2019UpdateVersion 4.4.2
12 Aug 2019UpdateVersion 4.4.1
24 Jul 2019UpdateVersion 4.4.0
08 Jul 2019UpdateVersion 4.3.12
19 Jun 2019UpdateVersion 4.3.11
10 Jun 2019UpdateVersion 4.3.10
05 Jun 2019UpdateVersion 4.3.9
21 May 2019First price detectedFree
16 May 2019UpdateVersion 4.3.8
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07 Aug 2012Release
Screenshots iPad iPhone
  • Termius - SSH client
  • Termius - SSH client
  • Termius - SSH client
  • Termius - SSH client
  • Termius - SSH client
  • Termius - SSH client
  • Termius - SSH client
  • Termius - SSH client
  • Termius - SSH client
  • Termius - SSH client
  • Termius - SSH client
  • Termius - SSH client
  • Termius - SSH client
Termius is more than a mere SSH client – it’s a complete command-line solution that’s redefining remote access for sysadmins and network engineers. Securely access Linux or IoT devices and quickly fix issues from the comfort of your couch via your mobile device.

Termius Free Features:

· Termius is available for all major mobile and desktop systems.
· Enjoy a beautiful, hand-crafted interface.
· Support for SSH, Mosh, and Telnet sessions.
· Supports ECDSA and ed25519 keys as well as chacha20-poly1305 cipher.
· Termius is always ad-free. You are not the product.
· Pair credentials and servers for quick access.
· Create groups to define shared settings and themes.
· Tag your servers to stay organized.
· Terminal touch with support of CTRL, ALT, and arrow keys.
· Multitask with split-view support.
· Get that desktop feel with Bluetooth keyboard support. Remap Caps lock to Esc, Ctrl, or other combinations.
· Map physical input like shaking your device actions like undo or close session.
· Make it yours with 12 colorful themes and adjustable fonts.
· Power through late night sessions with dark mode.
· Make multiple connections to the same host or connect to multiple hosts.
· Import keys with iTunes file sharing in ext, OpenSSH, and PPK formats.
· Protect your credentials with PIN
· Port forwarding and tunneling let you encrypt nearly any service or connection.
· Preview active SSH sessions with an adaptive user interface.
· Built-in assistance and troubleshooting. Feel free to ask a question anytime!

Premium Termius Users Enjoy:

· A 14-day FREE Trial
· One subscription covers all your mobile and desktop.
· Sync settings and credentials across all devices with AES-256 end-to-end encryption.
· Protect your credentials with Touch ID or Face ID.
· Protect your account with two-factor authentication
· Keep your keys on your machine with SSH agent forwarding.
· Copy files with ease with our two-pane SFTP support.
· Save your fingers with snippets of commonly used shell commands.
· Run snippets across multiple servers at once.
· Autocomplete saves you keystrokes.
· Set custom environment variables.
· Easily and securely paste a password (especially handy for sudo).
· Import your desktop’s ~/.ssh/config file via the command line.
· Host chaining (jump host).
· Background sessions support.
· Port Knocking: secure your ports from unwanted scanning.

Premium Termius users are first to receive access to new features and updates!

Termius is reinventing the command line experience. We strive to make remote access for admins and engineers a more productive and enjoyable experience.

Termius Premium Subscription is available through an auto-renewable annual subscription for $99.99 or monthly subscription for $9.99 (prices vary by region). 

Payment will be charged to your iTunes Account at confirmation of purchase. The subscription will renew automatically. Cancellation of a future subscription may be done up to 24 hours before the end of an ongoing period. The actual subscription may not be manually canceled before its termination date. Subscriptions may be managed, ​including disabling of auto-renew, in the Account Settings after purchase.

A Premium subscription allows you to create an account in the Termius system for synchronization and backup. A subscription may be used under one account on multiple devices across all by Termius supported platforms. A subscription may be used both for personal and business purpose.

Please review our privacy policy and terms of use

Version 4.5.6

Recent changes
Added Termius for Teams Trial support

Version 4.5.5

- SEP keys support - ability to generate a private key using iOS Keychain, store this key inside the SEP, and use it for SSH authentication
- GitHub Teacher Toolbox support
- Settings for auto-hiding tabs and keyboard addon in the terminal
- Added a blur overlay when the app goes to the background to prevent snapshots with sensitive information
- Fix not resetting ctrl button state when using volume button remapping to ctrl

Version 4.5.4

App security improvements:
- Moved HTTP Cookies Storage to the iOS Keychain;

Also, the connection sound now respects the audio feedback setting from the Settings screen;

Version 4.5.3

- Splash screen is now only shown on the very first launch;
- Fixed support pages;
- Fixed lowercase input using software keyboard in Terminal when Caps is remapped;
- Fixed Try Again button on SFTP screen when presented from Terminal;
- Fixed typos on the Background sessions screen;

Version 4.5.2

- Fixed issue with app launch on iOS 10
- Synchronization improvements

Version 4.5.1

- Improved Background sessions support;
- Disabled opening of any text file in Files app via Termius;
- Synchronization stability improvements;

Version 4.5.0

Keep your sessions alive as long as you need - now Background Sessions support is free

Version 4.4.8

- Sharing for teams;
- Selecting multiple Items with a Two-Finger Pan Gesture;
- Improved synchronization stability;

Version 4.4.4

- Fixed one extra character copied in Terminal (for SSH);
- Fixed drag&drop on the Hosts screen on iPhones;
- Other stability improvements;

Version 4.4.3

- Fixed Chinese (Simplified) - Pinyin input;
- Stability improvements;

Version 4.4.2

- Ability to remap caps lock key;
- Hotkeys for F1-F10 keys;
- Added bind address for Local Port Forwarding;

Version 4.4.1

- Added a new setting, ‘Use Option as Meta key’;
- Fixed extra characters appearing when copying from the Terminal;
- Fixed a crash on running a snippet on multiple targets;
- Internal bugs fixes and improvements.

Version 4.4.0

- Port Knocking;
- New Black color scheme;
- UI updates and improvements;

Version 4.3.12

- Fixed not saving known hosts when using SFTP extension;
- Other stability improvements;

Version 4.3.11

- Fixed crash on the History screen on host connection;
- Synchronization stability improvements;

Version 4.3.10

Stability improvements

Version 4.3.9

- Fixed not working ‘caps lock’ and ‘esc’ buttons in a terminal;
- Performance improvements: fixed app freezes while opening a terminal and entering the app from the background;
- Fixed private key saving from the Import screen;
- Fixed multiline Copy in a Mosh session;
- Improved hardware keyboard handling;

Version 4.3.8

- Improved hardware keyboard support;
- Fixed the crash when trying to connect to 'localhost';
- Port Forwarding now works with host chaining and proxy;
- Fixed public key export via clipboard;​

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