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Jan 2020

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Application activity
18 Jan 2020UpdateVersion 25.1
09 Jan 2020UpdateVersion 25.0
17 Dec 2019UpdateVersion 24.1
07 Dec 2019UpdateVersion 24.0
28 Nov 2019UpdateVersion 23.1
20 Nov 2019UpdateVersion 23.0
30 Oct 2019UpdateVersion 22.0
26 Sep 2019UpdateVersion 20.0
11 Sep 2019UpdateVersion 19.0
22 Aug 2019UpdateVersion 18.0
14 Aug 2019UpdateVersion 17.1
08 Aug 2019UpdateVersion 17.0
16 Jul 2019UpdateVersion 16.0
28 Jun 2019UpdateVersion 15.1
20 Jun 2019UpdateVersion 15.0
07 Jun 2019UpdateVersion 14.0
22 May 2019First price detectedFree
17 May 2019UpdateVersion 13.0
09 Aug 2015Release
  • Trip Scout - My Travel Planner
  • Trip Scout - My Travel Planner
  • Trip Scout - My Travel Planner
  • Trip Scout - My Travel Planner
  • Trip Scout - My Travel Planner
  • Trip Scout - My Travel Planner
  • Trip Scout - My Travel Planner
  • Trip Scout - My Travel Planner
The New York Times, USA Today, and Travel & Leisure have said TripScout is THE essential app for the modern traveler.

Discover a destination like a local insider and plan the perfect trip with your personalized, always up-to-date travel guide - and it’s 100% FREE!

See why the world’s top travelers plan their trips with TripScout:

Discover the best articles and videos from top publishers and local influencers for YOUR trip so you can stop filtering through irrelevant recommendations, sponsored ads, and out of date guidebook content.

Every restaurant, cafe, shop, or site featured in the content is mapped to our 100M+ points of interest so you can efficiently save anything you discover with one tap, compare photos and local tips from recent travelers, and easily stitch together a full, personalized itinerary and map on your phone.

The best travel content is not one-size-fit all and we personalize all content based on your actual trip dates, budget, interests, and travel companions to make sure you’re always in-the-know on the experiences you care about.

Travel stress-free by downloading your entire travel guide and map offline so you don’t have to worry about using data when traveling overseas or cruising at 50,000 feet in airplane mode.

Hundreds of travel bloggers and publications have featured TripScout as the essential resource for the modern traveler and have given our apps some very high endorsements, such as:

-- “Basically the best thing ever for travelers.” - Conde Nast Traveler
-- “Helps travelers explore the local side of the city” - USA Today
-- “Perfect for the curious traveler” - American Airlines
-- “Makes travel easier, but just as exciting.” - Forbes
-- "Finally, a travel app that’s purposefully, blissfully simple” - Travel+Leisure

Keep exploring and stay curious!

Version 25.1

Recent changes
We've made a couple of quick updates for a better TripScout experience:

-It is now much easier to change the location in search, just tap into the search bar and enter any location.
-We made several design improvements to our articles, sign in screen, and sign up experience.
-We made a quick fix to ensure photos load even faster.

We've working hard on a major update that is coming soon, in the mean time, happy travels and send all feedback to [email protected] Thanks!

Version 25.0

Happy New Year to everyone in the TripScout Community! We have huge plans for 2020, and to kick off the year we have a major update to make your personalized, always-updated travel guide better than ever.

-We completely overhauled our search functionality and have improved results to help you find the best places anywhere around the world.
-There are a ton of new filters for your search results. Drill down by budget or find places with WiFi, brand new sites, outdoor seating, and more.
-You can easily sort your search results based on the number of article mentions, highest rating, and distance.
-We added a "Search This Area" feature that will search for the best places depending on your current map position.
-Images now load super-fast all throughout the app. No more sllllooooooooow loaders!
-The map UI has been simplified, we improved search results, and made a number of other UI tweaks throughout the app.

We're hard at work making a massive update to our content, check back for a new update soon. In the mean time, we love all feedback, please send it to [email protected] Happy New Year and Happy Travels!

Version 24.1

We've made a couple of small design changes to improve our article experience and saved places feature. We'll have another major update soon, until then, enjoy your travels!

Version 24.0

Happy Travels to the TripScout Community around the world! We hope you've been enjoying your personalized travel guides, we've been hard at work on a major update to make your planning experience even better!

-We've simplified the trip planning experience in the app. Your saved places, itinerary, and trip information are within your guide. Just tap on the star button inside your guide to see everything.
-We overhauled the itinerary tool and made it simple to pick dates and schedule times. Just tap the calendar icon from your saved list to get started!
-Checkout the new map experience for your saved places and itinerary. We made it easy to see your daily itinerary on the map, and added a new feature to get to profiles from the map.
-We made a number of big backend improvements which will significantly improve the speed and stability of the app, as well as a number of design tweaks.

We'll be finishing the decade with another update coming soon, in the meantime we love your feedback. Send us an email at [email protected] and happy travels!

Version 23.1

Hi TripScouts!

Hope you are enjoying your personalized travel guide! We made a couple of design and performance improvements for a better all-around experience. Enjoy and we'll have a major update coming soon.

Version 23.0

Hello TripScouts! We've been hard-at-work making a major update to become the world's first "Personalized, Always Up-To-Date Travel Guide". Here's whats new:

-The articles and videos in your travel guide are now personalized based on your trip dates, who you are traveling with, and budget. Traveling in summer? You won't be bothered by winter activities. Traveling on a budget? We'll focus on the cheap and free things to make your trip great. Traveling alone? With kids? In a group or on a romantic getaway? We've curated all of the must-read content to make your trip planning as fun as being there.
-We've reorganized the guides and added a ton of new content. You'll now see sections with content about the city, articles on the best places to stay, sample itineraries, and as always, awesome places to see, off-the-beaten-path recommendations, tons of food, and nightlife.
-Your guide is always up-to-date! We've archived all outdated content and you'll receive automatic updates whenever we add new content for your trip.
-We made a ton of design updates and performance improvements and squashed some pesky bugs.

We're really excited to release this update to our users and hope you enjoy it. This is the tip-of-the-iceberg and we have a ton more improvements coming soon. Want to help us make TripScout even better? Join our beta group and get early access to new updates and give direct feedback to help us shape the future. Email us at [email protected] Happy Travels!

Version 22.0

We've been heads-down as a team working on a major update to TripScout. We're excited release the first part of this update with a big improvement to the way our content is organized:

-We reorganized our "Guides" tab with a new UI so it is super easy to browse within categories and swipe between articles.
-We made a ton of UI tweaks on our Trending tab and map to improve the experience.

A huge update will be live in a few weeks, until then we hope you enjoy this new version. Want to send us feedback? Just shake the app and tap "Ask a Question"!

Version 20.0

Hope everyone in the TripScout Community is enjoying their travels or planning. We're thrilled that iOS 13 is here, and we have a big update:

-We've added Sign In With Apple as the fastest and easiest way to create your TripScout account. If you are new to TripScout, you can use Sign In With Apple to create your account. If you've previously logged in with a password or Facebook, we'll automatically merge your account!
-We made some design improvements, squashed some bugs, and made some performance improvements for an all-around better TripScout.

We have some big changes in-progress, stay tuned for another update soon. In the meantime, we hope you enjoy Sign In With Apple and please send us any feedback to [email protected]

Version 19.0

Hey TripScouts! Here is a quick update with some design tweaks and performance improvements:

-Video is now available on the Today tab! Our team will be adding the best videos everyday to keep the travel inspiration flowing.
-We improved our sign up screen design and made it simple to confirm your email and password
-The map view has been updated so the massive number of places available is apparent
-A bunch of additional performance improvements

Stay tuned for another big update coming soon, in the mean time, feel free to send any feedback to [email protected] Thanks and Happy Travels!

Version 18.0

Hey TripScouts! We've been hard at work with a big update to make getting your travel fix even easier:

-We have a new onboarding flow for new users. We made it simple to pick your city, enter your date, and gogogogo.
-We made a number of bug fixes, design improvements, and backend enhancements for a smoother, faster TripScout.

We have some big updates in progress that we are excited to share soon, in the mean time, if you have any feedback send us a note at [email protected]!

Version 17.1

A quick mid-week update for some bug fixes and performance improvements. Happy Travels!

Version 17.0

Greetings to all of our TripScout's around the world! Our mission is to bring the excitement and joy of travel to you everyday, and we've been hard at work with a huge update to make this true.

-Everyday, the TripScout team will handpick the best content for your daily travel fix. From beautiful places, to inspirational quotes, drool-worthy eats, and hilarious travel mis-haps, you can find it all on the Today tab. The content updates every morning!
-You can instantly share the photos and meme's from the Today tab to your Instagram Story. Just tap and light up your gram!
-We've added Spotlight search. Just search for the name of your trip and you can quickly open your trip profile in the app.
-We fixed a number of bugs (including one that was causing crashes on the itinerary), made some design tweaks, and fixed some back end issues for a faster, smoother, TripScout.

Check back everyday for more amazing content! Found an article or video that the world needs to see? Send it to us at [email protected] along with your feedback. We'll be back with another big update in a couple of weeks!

Version 16.0

Happy Travels to all TripScout's around the world! Our team has been hard at work building our all-time most requested feature, and we're proud to announce that you can now plan together with your travel companions.

-You can now invite the people you are traveling with to join your trip. On the Trip Profile you'll find a share link, just copy and share! Your fellow travelers just need to tap on the link, install TripScout, and they will be able to join the trip.
-Everyone in your trip can contribute by saving the places they want to visit. All of the places will be adding to a group saved list that everyone can access.
-Everyone in your trip can view the daily itinerary, and the trip creator has the ability to add places to the itinerary and make changes.
-Want everyone to know how excited you are for your trip? You can now share your countdown directly to your Instagram story.
-As always, we squashed a number of bugs, beauti-fied some designs, and made some performance improvements.

We have big plans to make TripScout the best way to plan with your friends. Your feedback is appreciated, send us a note at [email protected]!

Version 15.1

We made some quick improvements to the app for a slicker TripScout:

-We tweaked some UI to improve readability.
-Fixed a couple of bugs and resolved some crashes

We're wrapping up another major update to TripScout, so stay tuned and as always, send any feedback to [email protected] Happy Travels!

Version 15.0

Hey TripScouts! We've been hard at work helping you get excited for your trip and we have several can't miss updates:

-We're officially launching our Hotel Deal of the Day, with discounts of up to 40% for hotels in cities around the world. Enter the dates for your next trip and we'll show you too-good-to-be-true deals everyday.
-Count down the days to your trip with Siri Shortcuts! Try asking, "How many days until my next trip?" or "Show my next trip" for hands-free pre-trip excitement. You can setup Siri Shortcuts from the Settings menu on your Today tab.
-We've added a new widget to help you countdown and add new trips.
-A ton of design improvements, bug fixes, and performance improvements for an all-around better experience.

Are you traveling with friends? Then we have a big update for you soon. Until then, happy travels and send us a note at [email protected] with any feedback!

Version 14.0

Hey TripScouts! June is here and we're officially in the heat of travel season (full disclosure: it's always travel season), we've been hard at work building some new features that will help turn your dream trip into reality.

-We are always looking for ways to help you save time and money while traveling. In some cities, you can buy a pass that includes many of the local attractions at a huge discount. When you save a few places that are included in the pass we'll give you the details on how to buy it!
-Travelers always ask us what part of a city they should stay in depending on their places. We're testing an early, free service where our team will make hotel recommendations based on your exact plans. If you a message in app and are interested in help, just tap "Yes" and someone at TripScout will reach out right away!
-We added Password Autofill, created some new deep links, and removed some unnecessary Facebook login permissions that the app was requested.
-Fixed several bugs (including one that was causing crashes when downloading the offline map), made a ton of design changes, and improved the backend for a smoother TripScout experience.

We have two exciting updates that we are heads down on right now. Stay tuned, keep traveling, and as always if you have any feedback send us a message at [email protected]

Version 13.0

We're always reminded to "not sweat the small stuff", but like a perfectly spotless hotel room, the little details can make a big difference. We've been hard at work smoothing out the edges of TripScout to add a little extra delight to your daily travel inspiration.

-We've added a ton of swipe gestures to screens to help you navigate with a single hand.
-When you tap on the map on Site Profiles, it expands to full screen and allows you to start getting directions in a single tap.
-You can peek-and-pop into articles and locations throughout the app.
-There are some new animations and button states to make the UI more responsive.
-We fixed a number of small bugs and made some backend improvements for an all-around better experience.

We have some big updates in progress, stay tuned! As always, please send feedback to [email protected]

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