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Mar 2020

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Version 2.9.0 Device Mac Compatibility macOS 10.6 + Size 2.6 MB Price $3.99

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11 Mar 2020Increase$3.99
05 Mar 2020Reduction$0.99
28 Feb 2020Increase$4.99
22 Feb 2020Reduction$0.99
19 Feb 2020Increase$3.99
13 Feb 2020Reduction$0.99
16 Jan 2020Increase$3.99
09 Jan 2020Reduction$0.99
06 Jan 2020Increase$3.99
19 Dec 2019Reduction$0.99
18 Nov 2019UpdateVersion 2.9.0
27 Oct 2019First price detected$3.99
14 Oct 2019UpdateVersion 2.7
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05 Oct 2014Release
  • Tweak and Tuneup
  • Tweak and Tuneup
  • Tweak and Tuneup
*** #1 Mac Disk Cleanup and Optimizer App ***
*** Download it and save gigabytes of Disk Space by removing unwanted files ***
Tweak and Tuneup is a collection of massive powerful tools to enhance the performance of your Mac.These massive tools in one application are solely to sustain and maintain the power of your Mac. You do not have to manually clear your Mac to save disk space. Simply one-click on any of these tools and relax to see the magic of Tweak and Tuneup.
Features :
- One-Click cleaning: Includes four essential clean up tools that clean up user cache files, log files, crash reports and partially downloaded files. A lot of invaluable space is recovered. Tweak and Tuneup automatically detects such files and folders that waste space.
- Optimization: It includes two powerful optimization tools where you can keep your Mac non-susceptible to duplicacy of unnecessary data and can even drag-and-drop uninstall any app easily.
- Manual Cleaning: It includes four useful tools that can help you protect your internet privacy, clean miscellaneous data like trash files and large files, Old Downloads as well that occupy more disk space.

What’s Special?
- User friendly interface with all-in-one cleaning tools.
- One-Click cleaning feature cleans up your Mac within seconds.
- Safely release gigabytes of invaluable disk space.
- No manual efforts required in cleaning.

Version 2.9.0

Recent changes
Minor bug fixes and improvements.

Version 2.7

Minor bug fixes and improvements.

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