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Jan 2019

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Cuisine et boissons

Version : 3.6.6 Appareil : iPad & iPhone Compatibilité : iOS 9.3 + Taille : 97,24 Mo Prix : Gratuit

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Chachi, in South Asian cultures, is a relative who always want to feed you well. That is our goal as well. Sign up as a chef or a foodie and browse local private chefs and culinary professionals.

Find home made food near you or offer your own special dishes. Foodies and chefs can securely exchange contacts with a text message and discover a unique social experience. Let your friends know what you are cooking or craving, and enjoy homemade food together.

Use the search feature to find local private chefs and save your yourself from unhealthy restaurant food. Many chefs provide the food delivery, Dine-in experience, tiffin (lunch box) service, and fresh produce.

If you like cooking, this is the fastest way to get your name out to local foodies. Create chef profile, post your portfolio, share your cooking calendar with your followers, cook dishes upon request, offer tiffin (lunch box services), or serve as a private chef on the foodie's premise. Get started in minutes. Click + icon, add your dish with complete info about the serving size, image, cost and specifics like cuisine type and specifics.

- Find homemade food providers in your area
- Search for unique food items like local honey, bone broth, halal food, kosher food, egg-less cakes, home made pies etc.
- Get chefs available for catering events or host your private dinner date at home while watching the kids or hosting guests for Superbowl party.
- Create chef profile
- Provide food delivery or cooking services
- Protected location info and additional verification feature to prevent scammers.
American, Italian, Indian, Pakistani, Bangladeshi, Polish, Russian, Filipino, Spanish, Caribbean, Korean, Indonesian, Punjabi, Marathi, Kashmiri, Egyptian, Ethiopian, Bolivian, Bulgarian, Belgian, Scandinavian, French, Chinese, Venezuelan, Greek, Japanese, Lebanese, Dominican, Mexican, Nepalese, Turkish, Thai, Spanish, and many more.

Keto-genic, Vegan, Vegetarian, Halal, Kosher, Eggless, Fusion, Diabetic friendly, fruit arrangements, Gluten free, nut free, any many more.

Join FREE as a chef or a foodie! Here is how it works.

If you are a foodie.
1) Browse by dishes or chefs around.
2) Exchange contacts with the chefs you wish to contact
3) Place your request directly with the chef and work out the details.

If you are a chef.
1) Add your dishes to the app and show off your dishes using the share icon.
2) Local foodies will contact you with their food requests
3) Accept or deny any request you receive from the foodie and work out the details.

Version 3.6.6

Changements récents
- Bug Fixes and other improvements.

Version 3.6.5

- Now you can instantly exchange contact with chef/foodie safely via automated email.

Version 3.6.4

- Minor enhancements.

Version 3.6.3

- Bug fixes

Version 3.6.2

- Bug fixes

Version 3.6.1

-Bug fixes

Version 3.6

- You can now narrow down your search of delicious food by applying detailed filters.

- Added a functionality of a guest user. You can now browse the app as a guest.

- Bug fixes and speed enhancements.

Version 3.5

- Overhauled home screen for much more cleaner look.
- Recently searched keywords feature added.
- A new call me feature to receive OTP via automated call.
- You can now change your phone number and email address from edit profile.
- Several other UI changes for better user experience.
- Bug fixes and speed enhancements.
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21 Jan 2019Mise à jourVersion 3.6.6
05 Dec 2018Mise à jourVersion 3.6.5
28 Nov 2018Mise à jourVersion 3.6.4
18 Nov 2018Mise à jourVersion 3.6.3
14 Nov 2018Mise à jourVersion 3.6.2
10 Nov 2018Mise à jourVersion 3.6.1
09 Nov 2018Mise à jourVersion 3.6
04 Nov 2018Premier prix détectéGratuit
22 Sep 2018Mise à jourVersion 3.5
01 Feb 2016 Sortie